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  1. The worst house I can remember was Halloween 2. Pretty sure some of those TMs were using bullwhips.
  2. I would say Ghost Town is far more detailed than FvJ was.
  3. I'm pretty sure Legacy stated on the OU forum that the zigzag walls are actually the entrance.
  4. Any chance of Krampus going in Shrek? Or is that definitely an original property location?
  5. Agree 110%. Would be a good way to continue the Urban Legend houses.
  6. With Texas Chainsaw Massacre rumors circulating lately, where could they do this house? Wasn't the Disaster! queue the only place chainsaws could be used other than the streets? I was under the impression that the enclosed nature of soundstages and sprungs were off limits for them. Maybe another queue? M.I.B.?
  7. A Chernobyl based house would be amazing. There's endless creative potential with an idea like that. I would personally love to see it.
  8. I wish they would take another crack at the Alien franchise next year. Drop the whole vs. thing because that sucked. Base it off the "Aliens" movie.
  9. "Cleanse" and "Cleansed". Sounds like The Purge may be our replacement property.
  10. It's amazing to me how much you need to be excited about something.
  11. One of Cassi's latest clues did point toward something prison related.
  12. The 1980 New Mexico State Penitentiary riot had a death toll of 33.
  13. verb (used with object), reviled, reviling. 1. to assail with contemptuous or opprobrious language; address or speak of abusively. I can't wait to see this video.
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