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  1. Gulp...... They better start working those loopholes. Or it could be at least Halloween Horror Nights 100 before we see anything like a mashup house. I'll be dead before that happens
  2. You're right! I'd love to be open minded about his work coming to the event. Your post about the loopholes actually makes me want to find where the rights are on the stuff that's been adapted to film.
  3. Same here. Still haven't got mine either. I want my goodies! That would be a waste of a thread for now. Let's wait until there's actual speculation that there's a chance it could show up at the event.
  4. And I don't think King would like the fact that they're making a house of what he considers "one of the worst renditions of one of his novels to film." He probably also doesn't like that the film he hates so much is considered one of the best horror movies to date. Although he makes fantastic story's it's sad to say that we will have to live with them not making it to the event.
  5. I would honestly love a King mashup house. But. He doesn't want his material at these events, and he has the right to preserve his content in that sense. The only chance we have of getting a Stephen King house is somehow convincing him while he's still alive. When he passes I personally feel like that gate will be permanently shut.
  6. Stephen King actually really didn't like Kubricks rendition of The Shining and went and made his own TV mini series but honestly from what I can remember of the TV series "IT" they wouldn't have to wait for the second movie. It really all takes place at the same locations in the town of Derry. The second part of the film should just be the kids from "The Losers Club" all grown up.
  7. The Shining movie rights were owned by Warner Brothers. Stephen King has showed no interest in bringing his content to the parks for Halloween Horror Nights. I don't know who owns the rights to "it" but I very highly doubt it will show up. I'd like to see it as a house but the chances we have of ever seeing it are very slim.
  8. I really hope this we don't get this. I wouldn't be able to handle the stupidity. Why can't the house be abandoned? They wouldn't need permission. Then the house could be full of vampires that use it as shelter to get away from the sun. Or it could be used for the place where all the Vampires that have been casted out if the "Vampyr" congregation meet.
  9. You know the more I ponder on the Soul Harvesters the more I enjoy the idea. I think that it could fit well into the general aspects of the speculated houses.
  10. The Evil Dead franchise is amazing, I was a fan before the reboot but the reboot was the best. It's one of my favorite horror movies for sure. I'd definitely recommend it!
  11. I hope it's an announcement. If it's a troll I'm going to go home and crawl into bed until we finally get an announcement!
  12. Oh, dont get me all excited! Because chances are they won't announce anything and then I'll be sad.
  13. I really did enjoy the Coven season of AHS and I think it has a pretty good potential too. After just getting back from New Orleans I'd love to see how much they put into that section of the house. I want to feel completely immersed in both of the Voodoo type properties we have this year.
  14. Yeah, that's true!! I totally forgot about that one! a The Thing in 2011 didn't release until the middle of October. I'm assuming we'll get a trailer drop for Jigsaw soon and then hopefully we can see some of the traps and environments they're going to throw us into.
  15. Sooooo, the maze will pretty much be a preview of what will be in film? The film doesn't release until the event is practically over. The 27th of October I believe.
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