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  1. I heard/read that her zone was rumored to be in New York. That's what I remember anyways.
  2. Gotta newbie right here! I do have previous scaring experience though. I've just been waiting for years to have this opportunity.
  3. If they are going to be accurate to the movie, Krampus will not be 2 stories tall. He isn't massively huge, he is only about 7-8 ft high, plus his horns. I would like him to be somewhat scattered around the house, but not overly so. I would like them to make his appearance more and more noticeable with every time you see him. I think his first appearance should be as a static prop sitting on top of the house facade ( if that is what they are planning to do ), with his next one being him only as a shadow or a silhouetted figure. And then gradually have him become more and more detailed. I think the scene of him coming out of the chimney would be an amazing one to put in the house. And then have his workshop possibly be the finale with his last appearance in that room, along with his elves and toys. I'm just curious if he will be a puppet throughout, or a suit like in the movie. Could be both. All I know is that I am for sure auditioning for HHN this year and I pray that I get in as one of the Krampus'.
  4. Does anybody happen to know what method was used to create Jack's wig? I am working to update my Jack costume and am looking for some advice. Any help is appreciated. 

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    2. TheHorseman18


      ok. Are the pieces of his hair that stick out of the sides of his head held with foam or wire? I feel like they are foam because I remember seeing a video of him pulling them down and after letting them go they just went exactly to where they were before. 

    3. criticalanalysis


      Not sure unfortunately :(

    4. JDW


      Not sure either. Probably. Really just telling how someone would typically build one. It may have some wire protrusions for stability and foam over top. 

  5. OH, that's right! Thank you for correcting me! Yea, my mind has suppressed those memories...That pissed me off so much. Btw, it says you are a scareactor. What characters have you played?
  6. Well thank God!! At least there is still some hope!! I never got a chance back during Reflections of Fear to see her in person because it was my first year and I was about 11, so I was afraid to go into the houses. That's why I've been begging the Halloween gods to bring Bloody Mary back to HHN so I have a chance to see her. Crossing my fingers that my wishes come true. I am also in high hopes that The Headless Horseman makes a triumphant return.
  7. They'll most likely have some of them there like the pumpkin heads and a couple trick or treaters, but I am betting they'll have characters such as Samhain, the tree monster, and The Headless Horseman. yea, That would have been 2013. That was the year they didn't have stationary scare zones, just the roaming hordes.
  8. I am still royally confused as to how someone could trademark an urban legend. It's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of. Well they could still bring her back, just as Mary Agana.
  9. Omg...oh..my...GOD!!! I have a REALLY big feeling I'll be seeing my favorite ghost and an old awaited specter back from my first year, Reflections of Fear....The Headless Horseman!!!! Watch your heads everyone!!!
  10. Oh GOD I am excited for this scare zone!!! I am really crossing my fingers that We'll see Bloody Mary appear in this zone!!!! God I miss her....
  11. My Wishful thinking list: 1. Bloody Mary 2. Bloody Mary 3. BLOODY MARY!!! Phew, now that that is out of the way...my next items on my wishlist are: 4. Bring back American Gothic ( preferably Scare zone, but would be cool as a house ). If not American Gothic At LEAST bring back the Headless Horseman!!! I adored him my first year at HHN back in 2008 and was actually the only character I found frightening to be around! The others I thought were really cool though!!! Oh and Lizzie Borden would be nice to. 5. American Werewolf in London. I had heard rumors that this would come back this year, but have not gotten any confirmation. This house was the scariest house I had ever been in when I went through it!! If not a house, I feel it would make an awesome scarezone!! 6. I would love to see Legendary Truth again. That house had so many creative scares!! 7. Scream. I remember Hollywood doing it for their terror tram, but I think if it was inside an actual sound stage, it would be really effective!!! Plus, I am just a super huge Scream fan. 8. They need to bring back more creative houses and scare zones. that's why I loved Reflections of Fear so much was that each scare zone was completely unique ( I never stepped a foot inside any of the houses, I was only about 11. Almost stepped inside The Hallow, only because I heard the Headless Horseman was in there but the transition to pure day light to pitch black was too much for my child mind). 9. Fractured Tales would be nice to see again. But I think I would rather see Scary Tales 4 or something similar since, again, I never went inside any of the houses during HHN 18. 10. Krampus. Since that new movie is coming out about the Christmas baddie, I thought it would be cool to see him in his own house, or at least a scare zone like Hollywood did. 11. So I know this isn't HHN 25 related, and yes I know it sounds like a stretch, but I think in the future, they should think about bringing the Headless Horseman back as an icon! Think about it, He would be really cool and an easy way into getting back into a world of urban legends and fairy tales gone wrong. And since the way he is designed, they could do a similar projection thing at the gate of the park just like for Bloody Mary, So he could talk to guests as they entered HHN. The event name could something like: Return to Fear. I only wish they hadn't done the Fear icon already, then Headless could have been Fear. But what do ya do? Anyway I'll stop there and just plan on making more of the back story in a new thread. Oh and one last thing: BRING BACK BLOODY MARY!!!
  12. Do you happen to know if there is an exact website toward the HHN auctions?
  13. Hi everybody! this is my first post here on this website! So on to the question: I was wondering what classical music is playing when inside the HHN 18 (2008, Reflections of fear) website? Ever since I went to the website in 2008 I always wanted to have the music to listen to without having to go to the website. Thanks! side question: for those of you who have actually worked as scareactors at HHN, do you guys auction off any of your old costumes/props?
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