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  1. Not a fan of the shotglass this year, TWD is milking the merch dollar. This is the 3rd year it has been featured on the shotglass from what I remember. Need to check my collection.
  2. Without the callbacks it is watching people act out a movie that is playing on the screen behind them. I went to see Rocky for many years in my youth, should have done better things on my Friday and Saturday nights, and I will say this with utter honesty. The movie sucks. I mean it really really really sucks. Bad acting, bad effects (even for 1975), bad direction... Just sucks. Why would you want to sit through what has become one of the ultimate audience participation films without participating? I just hope that Universal will now censor in the line queues. I've heard vulgarity that has made me turn and wonder if these kids have parents. Yeah, lil bastards no older than 13/15 just popping off with f-bombs and sexual innuendo that I don't say in public. Then the drunks... well, that is a completely different story. Also off topic.. Sorry bout that.
  3. I checked this thread to see what vinyl they would be doing this year... Got my answer and she is good for pairing with Jack.
  4. Does anyone know if they are going to have the the tickets where you can go into either IOA or the studios at 3 and stay until HHN starts? I know they had them last year, but I haven't seen anything listed on the ticket page yet. I just read some of the earlier posts about the same topic... I really should have RTDF first.
  5. I watched B&T and RHPS for the first time last year. Always heard the shows while waiting in the queue but never really had any interest in sitting for 20 or so minutes when I could be edging closer to a house. I got guilted into it by the family and it was not as bad as I thought. RHPS was tame, too many people that were there didn't understand that audience participation was vital to making a crappy movie tolerable. Plus it is not really family friendly, I saw the looks on some parents faces when the audience shouted the lines... Mortification and disbelief that the "F" word was being spoken out loud without someone getting in trouble, plus all of the sexual innuendo. I am surprised it came back in all honesty. B&T was just sophomoric humor. Like a low rent Family Guy episode. I think it is a natural foil to the scares and intensity of the rest of HHN. Some people might need it as a come down after some houses. I don't go to HHN for the shows. In my opinion, give that money to do another house or expand the scare zon... Street Experiences. Or do LT, hell, maybe take the website back to the levels of 2005-2010.
  6. Houses: 1. Giggles & Gore - I have missed the clown/carnival themed houses 2. Dollhouse - Really enjoyed the Dead Silence house and think this could be just as good. 3. Halloween - Classic horror movie that has so many iconic scenes that can be reproduced. 4. Roanoke - Cannibals, always a good time. 5. AvP - I like Aliens and Predator but but not a big fan of the AvP movies, hope they stay far away from the WTF that was Requiem. 6. TWD - The rubber match 7. FDTD - Demon Cantina was a pretty good homage to the movie. I guess this one will do the same for the TV show. 8. Dracula : Untold - Just not that into vampires, saw the preview for the movie during Hercules and it looks ok. Scare Zo.. I mean Street Experiences 1. Bayou of Blood - Sounds the most interesting of the group 2. Maskerade - Just hope the masks are better then the "walkers" from last year 3. The Purge - This one might get a little awkward with all of the idiots on social media threatening Purge nights all over the country. I think it will be extremely tame for what it is supposed to be. 4. Faceoff - Never saw the show, and while it might be good, I am not anticipating it.
  7. I liked Dead Silence and it was a "doll" house in spirit. In fact, this house could be sort of a re-hash of those ideas. I'm looking forward to all three non-IP houses this year.
  8. Maybe I'm sad about the lackluster websites and the inclusion of a majority of IPs because I have been hitting HHN since 2002. I have fond memories of 2004 and 2005 because of the cohesive backstories and immersive interaction between patron and event. Since then though, things have steadily declined to the point that the website is just to get tickets and information and there is no story to why HHN is happening or any intrigue. Maybe I want to feel like a cog in a greater machine or that I'm there to do more than shuffle through a queue to see props and scareactors. I understand NBC/Universal is in this for the money, but like their TV lineup, things need to get back into line so people will enjoy the product more. As much as I like TWD as a show, the invasion of HHN has been more of an annoyance than anything else. Queue lines that can go upwards of 180 mins and last year an entire park full of walkers in poorly done masks/makeup, disappointing to say the least. I will say I am excited for this year's event. I'm a fan of clowns, dolls and the Halloween series. I'm also interested in seeing if TWD reverts back to 2012 form and is a load of garbage or follows last year and improves by leaps and bounds.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Dead End and Gothic weren't announced until the entire site was revealed in 2012. The only non-ip house to get any real publicity that year was P&T (Alice Cooper was a Hollywood import, so not original) and with celebrity endorsements they weren't really non-ip in my book. So I doubt that the originals will get a "reveal" as much as the IPs and this goes with scare zones as well as houses.
  10. Even if it doesn't include Jack (which would be a slight letdown) and with it being in my least favorite queue line in the park (I despise the cattle chute feeling of the Disaster house queue) I am stoked for another clown themed house. Something about a person that hides their face behind a painted on smile... or frown.
  11. In my opinion TWD:Dead Inside, Silent Hill and Resident Evil were some of the worse houses in recent memory. Maybe my opinion is swayed by the high hopes I had for all of these IPs. TWD's queue line was insanely long and after 150 minutes of shuffling feet, the house was peppered with scareactors and it felt like I was just walking through some nicely done, but abandoned set pieces. Silent Hill just felt like they chose scenes from the games and tossed them in willy-nilly. Pyramid Head was in for one short scene and if you went through at the wrong time you missed him completely. I felt like it could have been much much better for those that were not gaming fans. RE was just bad... I was a fan of the games in my younger days but the cartoony feel of the house was a complete letdown. Of course Doomsday will always hold a place in my heart as the worst house in all my years of going to HHN. Other than weather related problems during my visit in 2011, I haven't had an issue with scare zones until the event wide zombification of last year. I want variety while I walk from house to house, not a bunch of "walkers" in bad masks. Of course this is just my opinion.
  12. 1.Cabin In The Woods 2.Evil Dead 3.An American Werewolf In London 4.The Walking Dead No Safe Haven 5.La Llorona 6.Havoc Derailed 7.Afterlife Deaths Vengeance 8.Resident Evil
  13. The only movie related IP I ever really loathed in all the years I have been attending HHN, since 2002 other than missing 2010, was Doomsday in 2008. TWD in 2011 was not good, but it did not earn the utter hatred I have for Doomsday. I remember parts of that house with disdain to this very day, some guy in a mohawk dancing right near the end of the house was such a letdown. If it was funny it might have made the house less of a piece of trash, but nope... it was just that. Of course that is just my opinion.
  14. I don't care that TWD is back for the third year in a row, it is not even a factor in my decision to go. I will be getting my Rush of Fear ticket and enjoying the fact that we should get scare zones back after whatever that stuff was over the last two years. I didn't mind the wandering legions as much as being inundated by fanboys and girls running and screaming from zombies in bad masks. Plus, after the improvement from HHN 22 to 23 in the WD house, I am actually looking forward to hitting it at least once to see if they outdo last year. If not, there are 7 other houses to enjoy.
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