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  1. I would love to see the Puppet Master come to Orlando as an icon! They are so creative at HHN Singapore!
  2. My Speculation Lead Icons: Terra Queen & Fear Supporting Icons: Jack, Chance, Eddie, Storyteller, Director, Caretaker, Usher & Cindy Houses: Stranger Things Zombieland Beetlejuice Conjuring Universe Candyman (2020) Titans of Terror (Freddy, Jason, Leatherface & Michael) Terror Mines 2 30th anniversary house Anarcade Original house Scare Zones: Icons photo-op Terra's Lair Original Stranger Things Zombieland Shows: Terra Queen Returns (Opening scaremony ) Academy of Villains Bill & Ted's Excellent Reunion Tour! 30th Anniversary lagoon show
  3. Theme: Into The Further Houses: 1. Stranger Things 2. Killer Clowns From Outer Space 3. Horrors of Blumhouse 3 (Happy Death Day 2U, Truth or Dare & Unfriended) 4. The Curse of La Llorona 5. The Nun 6. Universal Classic Monsters 7. Vamp (insert decade) 8. New Original 9. New Original 10. New Original Streets: Stranger Things Show: Academy of Villains
  4. I second that thought. But as for The Conjuring, this year may be the year we get it. Fingers crossed! Don't even get me started on The Shining... WE ARE NEVER GETTING A KING IP!!!!!! lol I don't care who made it, if it's originally King's IP we're never going to see it at an event! (surprised they didn't have IT on their list lol)
  5. He also used the phrase in the Icons SZ in 2015. ^ Beat me to it lol
  6. If they did decide to join two icons together for an event it would be without a doubt, the Director & the Usher. Having the Director & the Storyteller together really doesn't make sense.
  7. I did some research and stumbled upon an HHN Creative Team member's social media page and in their bio they had this quote: "Bringing out the designs to scare you during HHN... then it hush hush dont say a word HHN27 killed the mocking bird." Later I saw that someone asked this person if an icon was coming to the event. You would imagine the response would be "can't say", BUT this person said (and I quote), "We shall 'si' " That's my reasoning behind why I think we'll be seeing Mr. Albert Caine (weird how we have the same last name lol) at this year's event! I personally would love to see the Usher return (also weird that we share the same first name lol). Sadly my middle name isn't HHN related (Thomas).
  8. I have a strange feeling we will be seeing the Caretaker this year at the event
  9. Halloween Horror Nights began a supposed series of original houses based on urban legends in 2013 (23). Their first house in the series was based on the urban legend, La Llorona. There have not been any houses in the series since then.
  10. Just watched both videos! Good stuff (as usual)!
  11. Hate to break it to ya, but we're never going to get The Shinning due to Stephen King being a butthole about his IPs
  12. Just thought of this today Theme: Want to Play A Game? (SAW) Icon: Billy Houses: SAW: Want To Play A Game? (mega house) American Horror Story The Walking Dead Psycho/Alfred Hitchcock Chucky Insidious Urban Legends series return - The Slit-Mouthed Woman Nightingales 2 new original house UNCHARGE Scare Zones: Billy's Lair (set up like Icons/Chance in Heck) Saws N Steam 2 Original Original Original Shows: Bill & Ted 26 Academy of Villains
  13. It's never too early to start talking about next year! Heck, A&D is already planning it! Here's my prediction list: Houses AHS The Walking Dead (season 7) - wouldn't mind seeing this! Saw Conjuring Psycho Stanger Things Voodoo house Nightingales 2 New original house Scare Zones Purge Suicide Forest Steampunk theme Movie set theme Shows Bill & Ted Academy of Villains My Wish List: Houses AHS The Walking Dead (season 7) Conjuring Ghostbusters Stanger Things Vamp 55 house HR BloodNGutz 2 New original house Icon house (that's actually good) Scare Zones Holidays Dragon's Lair Icon Scare Zone (that's actually good) Movie set theme Shows Bill & Ted Academy of Villains
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