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  1. Never even thought of that! Hope that’s not the case. Do u think the leak that got posted a while back is accurate? The one that had IT also in it.
  2. I hope it doesn’t get ridiculously packed because of how popular stranger things is. Wasn’t happy with the properties last year and the lines made sure I didn’t go more than twice last year
  3. Damn that would be the week before opening night right? That's cutting it close.
  4. What are the chances of that happening? I would like that to happen lol
  5. I agree lol. I just think it'll be crazy to see in person. Like I remember the Black Sabbath 3D maze was pretty gory and I hate that lol. But yeah I know the Polks will scare me and piggy guy. This maze has so much to work with!
  6. The disemboweled scenes caught me off guard lol. Those will be crazy to see lol
  7. I just finished watching Roanoke. I'm so excited for the wood scenes. They're gonna be crazy!!
  8. Thanks a lot!! Wow the Tram sounds really nice!! Hopefully it's true.
  9. Hey guys! Haven't been here in forever unfortunately. Can y'all update me on confirmed mazes and progress on the speculated? How true is the leaked line up from earlier his year looking? Thanks!
  10. I would've liked Asylum instead of Hotel. Looks quite terrifying anyways though!
  11. So excited to experience Leatherface!! I wonder if he'll have his own maze? I'm guessing TerrorTram though
  12. Hey, guys. I've been really busy and haven't been able to read everything. Can someone update me? On the mazes, the confirmed, and best speculations.
  13. Log Bunny - Murdy's favorite possession. An "easter egg" on the Terror Tram and it changes locations nightly. Can someone explain further? Also, more about the ape that isn't a scare actor!
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