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  1. My first post in a long time, so excuse me if I retread any past discussion Looking at Dr. Jimmy's first three clues, I think we've got this: "You'll Never Walk Alone" - Walking Dead "Never Never Land" - Universal Monsters "Bosom Buddies" - HHN Icons House http://www.geekrex.com/2015/04/halloween-horror-nights-25-speculation.html
  2. I've seen that video before. I just think it would be neat to see Rob Zombie's version
  3. I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I hope that, if we are getting Halloween, it's Rob Zombie's Carpenter's is a classic and a great movie, but Rob Zombie's Halloween (and Halloween 2) seem more like what HHN does with their mazes. Also, if they don't do a Queen in the AVP house...there's always the Predalien
  4. I don't know how much vampires will be involved. It seems to be a mix of fantasy/horror and the true Vlad story Baba Yaga is a part of the movie. She is a witch from folklore, so that would relate to a few of the clues we have been getting
  5. If anyone can do short collections of horror stories on TV, then how come the original Twilight Zone is the only one to do it well? As UniversalStudiosGeek said...something getting a lot of viewers and attention doesn't mean it's good.
  6. While I can agree that TWD is a HUGE current property that will help to bring in lots of general public, but best horror show possibly ever? HAHAHAHA The Walking Dead hasn't been anywhere close to the best since Season 1. As for the ever part of that? Let me point you to a little thing called THE TWILIGHT ZONE. That show did horror better than TWD ever could. Hell, Showtime's Penny Dreadful is a new horror show that's already better than Walking Dead in a lot of aspects. I'd love to see that show join AHS at the event next year.
  7. That looks a lot better than the poster I was seeing on Twitter/movie sites. Weird that we haven't gotten a trailer yet considering the movie was originally going to be an August release. I just want to know what the house we will most likely be getting will be like.
  8. So the word synergy means multiple things working together at the same time. Could Synergy be Trick R Treat? The movie is a horror anthology, with multiple stories working together to make one whole.
  9. Witches not where you would expect them really makes me want Cabin in the Woods back.
  10. I knew I heard a roller coaster at the beginning! Confirmation of carnival theme?
  11. You guys need to stop exciting me with the potential of something Macbeth related.
  12. This is what I could make out from the audio: "What You Seek I am There You say MY Name Who am I? Do you want? If you persist You will find I am hunger Your torment is mine tonight I know your thoughts I see without sight I torture you as I relish your pain I drink of it [something] Until you are drained I am the crow, plucking out your eye Mouth full of sorrow watching as you die You are on this ride, think you are in danger You should climb [something] from this stranger" Audio begins with what sounds like either a gate creaking or a roller coaster?
  13. Makes me wonder if we will get to vote too and these are what our two options will be.
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