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  1. For treaks and foons look up the HHN documentry designing the fear. It was so popular because it was the only kid freindly scare zone. The characters danced and played with the children and they had a foam pit. The theam was like that Spy Kids movie. I wish they would bring back something like that, it might bring some of the complaints down. LOL
  2. Hay I just had another thought the uv one it could be thoes trippy houses they used t do. You know where it was just plan randomness. The camo walls, lazers, foam suds. Like a fun house on stiroids. Now that would be fun if HHN bought those back. LOL
  3. The maze with the clown arm hanging out? Now im just speculating here. Now we confermed thats a 3d house right? Now thier is a rumor going around that Killer Clowns from outer space 2 is in the makeing and that it's in 3D right? Now HHN has done this before with The Wolfman house, giving us a preview of the movie before it came out. Now, Do you guys think that this house could be a preview house of Killer Clowns 2? Really think about it and it does make sence. Im just making an educated guess. Here is the link to the artical: http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/24920/killer-klowns-from-outer-space-sequel-in-the-works/
  4. In my opinion, I really don't care if they do a house of TWD. As long as they don't make all the scare zones and the entier park walking dead like last year. The only thing Im pissed about, is why they didn't show this much attention to the icons like they do TWD. Just saying. I feel is going to be repeitive. Also what I don't get, is what are they going to do because this sesson bearly had zombies in it, all the did was introduced more characters and gave more background on the others.
  5. I dont trust the clown arm. I swear its there to throw us off LOL
  6. My dream Lineup 1. Deadspace: The untold Mission 2. Bioshock: City Reborn 3. The Conjering: Welcome home 4. EDM: Electronic Dead Music 3D. (Poking fun at the rave scene LOL becuase EDM music is soooo popular right now) 5. Scary Tales 3. ( I really wnat them to do another one) 6. Dead Exsposer: Dark room ( A sequal to the dead exsposer in 2008) 7. HHN: Back to Hell. This would be the Longest house in the park and you will relive all the HHN moments from 1992, all the way to today. along the way you meet all the icons along with famouse parts of mazes from the past. Two indoor and one outdoor section of the maze. Outdoor being the past scare zones.) Scare Zones: 1. EDC: Electronic Dead Carnival (kid Zone) also EDM will be in this location as well 2. Marval Zombies (New York) Bing back the flying money gag they did in 2008 3. The Last of Us (San Fancisco) 4. The perge: God Help us (production Central) The chainsaw zone 5. Silent Hill: Home Coming: (Hollywood) 6. Underworld: (World Expo) But I would have No safe zones, the non scare zones would be filled with Fog and random lights and lazers with random creaters, it would be like turning the page of a book. Also onec in a while, Ill have the scare actors spill out into City Walk LOL. Your not even safe outside the park. LOL
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