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  1. Something has to be done about park capacity after this year. Just got back after hhn tonight and literally the entire time I was in the park I couldn't move with out touching someone or getting checked in the shoulder. So I don't know if we need to go two parks, more mazes, Diagon alley to be opened or what but it made the entire event unbearable. Also wait time's for all the houses were above an hour wait from 7 till midnight when i left and were not falling in the slightest. TWD was at 150 min, Halloween 160, AvP 110, Roanoke, dollhouse and giggles all at 90, drac at 75, and FDTD at 60. Also mummy, transformers, and rip rocket were all over an hour wait. with MIB and Simpsons not far behind. This was about as bad this past thursday and last friday I went. So if expansion does not happen this year and they bring back TWD, make a friday house for the new film, and bring the likes of freakshow, the strain, insidious and sinister as I.P. houses and The Purge as well for the streets we are in for an even larger problem next year. Especially if they even toy with the idea of the icons, mainly jack, but still. In the art of the scare documentary they talked about how people would riot in line waiting for 3 hours for an attraction!! whelp that time has definitely come, especially with how busy the first 2-3 weeks were as well. Just time for some serious growth. My thought is if they can't do diagon alley, hogwarts ride, or cat in the hat. shut the parts down needed and open the rest up. Next year jurassic world comes out. Use it. promote it. Put a scarezone in the bitch whatever. Marvel has a new zombie comic coming out, so obviously it isn't bothering disney to have that... so get on the phone mike and make the call. Use the new blum house contract and bring in those big ips. as well and getting fx in the picture who now run the two other largest horror shows on cable as far as numbers are concerned. Make it bigger and badder than ever or else there will literally be anarchy in those streets with the capacity were running at now. Also RHPS needs to go, not pulling in hardly enough people to call it a sufficient people eater these days. 25 year prediction houses TWD Freakshow The Strain Friday the 13th Insidious 3 classic horror property - maybe the fog, the fly or frankenstein for the new film original original (legendary truth) nightingales 2!! streets The purge for sure original original freakshow zone original shows Bill and Ted something new (No magic or musicals please!!!) by no means is any of this for sure or what I would want but just seems likely considering the path we're on now. Also legendary truth is back up so who knows!!
  2. Thanks all the love guys, and yes I hit almost all the big scares in Dracula. When you see and get all those scares it's quick to see why it is placed so high on my list of houses this year, definitely look for a certain hero saving you from the turks inside. Cause that to me may have been the scare of the night and something I didn't see coming from a mile away.
  3. So the question everyone wants to know this year is Halloween Horror Nights 24 any good? Well the resounding answer from me is 100% yes. This is the very best year of new Ip lead era of Halloween Horror Nights, and it has been pulled off spectacularly to say the least. From the houses to the streets. Everything has been tweaked and tested to be pulled off bigger and better than ever. So lets rate the content that everyone is really wanting to hear about - The Houses. My house rankings will be. Bad, Fair, Good, Awesome, Perfect, and Outrageous 1. AvP: Alien Vs. Predator - This house is completely outrageous in the best way possible. From the superb sets to the cast and puppets. This house was built to scare and terrify long time fans of both franchises and new comers alike. Keep an eye out for some familiar looking marines and a certain android while you are inside the house, as well as many references to the blockbuster AvP franchise it's self. Thank God Orlando was allowed to tell it's own story in this franchise because the pay off was absolutely worth the extra work it took to create. Rank - Outrageous 2. Halloween - The franchise we've all been waiting for. But was the source material done justice? Absolutely 100% yes. From the Outside Facade, Michael, Michael's Victims, the set design, and the nods to the other films in the franchise. This attraction becomes an absolute must for any and all classic horror fan - especially if you know about a certain Silver Shamrock. Rank - Perfect 3. Dracula Untold Reign In Blood - Certainly a controversially choice for A&D and Marketing to choose but man oh man was the pay off worth it. This house seems to take place either during the final climax of the brand new film of the same name or shortly after it's ending. Everything you'd expect is here. From the awesome castle facade to the invading turks to Dracula himself. Certainly one of most surprising things that drives this house isn't the beautifully created sets, but is the cast it's self. Everything from Dracula slaughtering the turks right in-front of you to him popping out at you at the very last second of the house. It's all here and should be high on your totem poll to check out this year. Rank - Perfect 4. Giggles and Gore Inc. - Never in my life did I ever expect to be blown away by a Disaster Overflow cue house, but this may have done it for me. The cue over the years has had so many over whelming problems from the venue it's self, to the cue line, to the very material chosen for the venue. But this year i was proven dead wrong. This house was boasted as being the smallest house in quite some time with only seven rooms, but this does not feel to be the case at all once you are inside this evil clown factory. Perhaps it is the long transition hallways or perhaps the pure scare factor of the house but one thing is for sure. Giggles and Gore is gory!! and when i say gore i mean gore. From peoples faces being torn apart to being stuffed with mix match body parts to ultimately being crushed to death in a giant people grinder - it's all there. This house is not to be missed. Especially for long time fans of HHN's own Mr. Jack Schmidt. Those who are familiar with some of the clowns old toys (mainly a certain oversized blender) will truly be over joyed once inside. Rank - Awesome 5. From Dusk Till Dawn - After witnessing The Walking Dead be such a large mixed bag driving force at Halloween Horror Nights I believe many of us had given up hope on ever seeing a Tv series done to it's max potential at the event. Whelp El Rey's From Dusk Till Dawn has finally changed that. Not only did they change it but they have truly kicked the doors down for what will hopefully will be a excellent future for TV horror at the event. This house has everything in it from the stripper vampires, our favorite brothers and other characters, but especially references to many things from the Tv series and the Film. Nothing gave me more pleasure than seeing The Gecko Brothers, Carlos, Kate, The barker, Santanico, and the band leader all inside the house. My personal favorite part of the house was a now deceased Sex Machine with his favorite fire arm still well in tact. Rank - Awesome 6. DollHouse of the Damned - I'm still a bit on the fence about this house personally. It definitely is far from being average but something about it personally didn't scare me nearly as much as all the other houses this year did - even those i liked less than it. But no matter how little it actually scared me it did have something none of the other houses had at all. Creepiness. This house is completely unnerving. It has twisted baby dolls and evil teddy bears for God's sake. This house has potential to scare me more in the future as i always felt like i was in front of or behind a scare for the most part. But this review is based on my experience in the house and so far it hasn't terrified me yet, but it definitely will deserve multiple visits to truly appreciate. Rank - Good 7. Roanoke Cannibal Colony - I'm not entirely sure what to think about this house yet. Definitely the weakest of all the original content this year but it is still interesting to me. This house is extremely dark and I absolutely love that about this house. But what I didn't like was that almost all the scare actors were either missing their lighting cues or something was miss firing. It seemed every time an actor would jump out at me it would be completely dark and I couldn't see them, than all of a sudden the lighting effect and sound would go off and the actor was in a resting state. Maybe it was just me personally but it ended up making this house pretty messy to me. Hopefully they work out a lot of the bugs because this house has amazing potential to be great and scary if they can fix those few gripes of mine. But overall the scares I did get saved it's ranking for me in the long run. Rank - Good 8. The Walking Dead: The End of the Line - I'm gonna try and keep this one as short as I possibly can because i feel like i'm speaking for most of us who attend HHN are about sick of this franchise's residence - especially after seeing how the show's characters can be effectively used inside a maze like From Dusk Till Dawn. To me last year's effort was literally the strongest Walking Dead we've ever had and probably ever will have. I can not tell you the difference it made to me being able to see Milton and Merle Dixon inside the house. Literally the best part of the house this year is the massive facade that A&D has created outside of this "super" maze. The house to me suffers mainly from two things. Those are messiness and already visited territory. We revisit the prison in the beginning of this house and it isn't that much welcomed back being much smaller and less exciting than that of last years prison scenes. But what's worse after that is we seem to take a trip down to mistake ally with the awkward transition from 22's house making an appearance again. It's miles ahead of that train wreck but honestly just throwing us in a fake wooded area in-between locations like the big spot or the moon shine cabin just seems forced and boring. Also the finale was just a waste of time. Just seemed like they ran out of money to complete the room of the house so they just put 6-8 zombie actors inside a chain link fence and turned a strobe light on and said have at it. Now Mike has said somethings may change in this house once season 5 starts so i'm interested in seeing if that's what he's talking about. Now no matter how much I have listed complaints about this house it does have two things that are vast improvements inside compared to it's brother and sister houses. The first is the increased amount of actors, they are truly felt and the walker hoard scares feel real and scary. The second is the amount of detail and scale of the sets built inside, also personally enjoyed the dark lighting as well. The darker the better. My last thought about the house is that it felt like some actors were missing out of the first half of the house when i went. So i'm wondering if I visited in the middle of a cast change and due to the size of the house was able to encounter a fresh group of actors at the end of the maze. Either way this house is feeling worn out already compared to the other houses at the event to an extent but I am hoping for a better run on my next visit so until than my rank must stay the same. Rank - Fair Scarezones ranking is the same as the houses Bad-Fair- Good-Awesome-Perfect-Outrageous 1. The Purge Anarchy - This Scare can be described with two words. Metal and Insanity. There is so much going on all the time inside the zone. Between the purgers, the drill team, the auction, Big daddy and his goons, and lastly the purge slavers. It's all there and it is totally awesome. I honestly feel emerged inside the world of The Purge every second i was inside the zone and i look forward to spending more time in it. Rank - Outrageous 2. Face/Off: In The Flesh - This zone is definitely different than I thought it was going to be. It's similar to the Seven scare zone from 2011, but it just feels better. There are five platforms displaying one of ten different face/off creations Orlando has chosen for their event this year and each of them has what appears to be at least three minions surrounding them scaring guests. There is a ton of fog in here and a lot of screams could be heard through out so I'm gonna say this zone is an absolute success so far. Rank - Awesome 3. Bayou of Blood - This zone is definitely a mixed bag that could benefit from a lot more fog being pumped into it's wooded environment. The actors seemed a bit tired and not that into it. Which is truly a shame because the zone is decorated beautifully and the costuming feels like a super twisted version of disney's the fog princess. Hopefully they gain some more motivation to get amped up as the event goes on. Now onto my real problem with the zone. Placing the hut in the large open area in front of Mel's and the horror make up show is a mistake. It instantly takes you out of the bayou environment so beautifully crafted in the central park area. To me it would have been better to place this where the Rv was last year for the walking dead - forcing guests to walk through the zone before you could see the Voodoo queens dilapidated shack would have worked better and would have looked way cooler at night in the darker area of the back half of the park. Also i'm not quite sure what the schedule or how often these human sacrifices are supposed to be happening but I have yet to see one and I am personally looking forward to seeing it since it seems that it was this zones giant selling point. As of now the zone is just fun and not to scary yet, but this could absolutely change. Rank - Good MASKerade: Unstitched - No real review on it as of yet cause the actors were only out for a few minutes but from what I saw it looks pretty cool and creepy. Rank - Good That's my review of this years houses and scare zones, didn't review the shows cause I was unable to see them yet, but for anyone who has been to Halloween Horror Nights before you know exactly what you are going to get from both of these two shows. Bill and Ted will be funny as always and The Rocky Horror picture show will be a fun musical delight for all those who are looking for a fun break from the scares outside. That about does it for my review. I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope everyone enjoys this year's Halloween Horror Nights 24 and all that it has to offer this season.
  4. I know a lot of people seem to not like the ips at the event, but honestly I don't mind them at all. I just really don't like all the ips being shared. What made last year cool was we had Awil and cabin and Hollywood didn't. Same as them having insidious and black Sabbath. It made the events unique in there own way and I truly hope next year we can only share 1-2 ips if we have any at all. Cause 4 is just a bit much imo but really 6 if we count the purge and each of our face off experiences.
  5. Hoty houses since 2002 have been 2002:screamhouse 2003:psychoscareape 2004:castle vampire 2005:body collectors 2006:scream house resurrection 2007:nightmare on elm street dreamwalkers 2008:Dead exposure 2009:Dracula:Legacy in blood 2010:Havoc dogs of war 2011:The in-between(no idea where this whole forsaken being hoty is coming from cause all anyone could talk about was the in between that year and you are lying to yourself if you don't remember that, also waiting 2 hours for the inbetween vs the 30 line for the forsaken I mean come on) 2012:Gothic 2013:An American Werewolf In London
  6. My list as of now Houses 1. AvP: Xenomorph Puppets, Predators, Face huggers, colonial marines/scientists, maybe the predalien or the alien queen, plus the house being based on what seems to be the AvP video game for Xbox 360 and an original plot line makes me majorly excited 2. Halloween: You're lying to yourself if your not even the slightest bit excited for this 3. Roanoke: Cannibal Colony: I like the premise, historical houses are always cool especially if it is in a similar vein that many of the house from 21 were in. Plus after watching Hannibal how can you not be pumped to see what they do with the Wendigo lore. 4. From Dusk Till Dawn: No matter how unpopular this may be with fans atm, I am a die hard fan of the film and i enjoyed binge watching the show, should be a super funmaze to go through with plenty of gore, sexy vampires, and hopefully sex machines cock gun. 5. Dracula Untold: Reign In Blood: Love classic gothic style houses, can't wait to see if they use bat actors in the air similar to how they did in gothic. Really looking forward to seeing the impaled and dracs castle. 6. Doll House of The Damned: Looks interesting, hoping for a good bit of gore and maybe a small cameo from little cindy cane. 7. The Walking Dead: End of The Line: Mega house sounds cool and looking forward to hopefully seeing a zombified Governor, only concern is the house may get a bit boring with it being super long 8. Giggles & Gore Inc.: Not really that excited for this, been in my fair share of clown houses and this one does not even peak my interest except with the possibility for a Jack Cameo. Also my main reason for not liking the house isn't as much the size of the house or the content but merely that the disaster que has had some of the worst houses in it over the past few years and that the lines are always a bitch. Scarezones: 1. The Purge: Hate the movies with a passion but this should be an excellent scarezone and I am looking forward to seeing The blonde guy from the first purge, the renegade kidnappers and big daddy from the purge two. Should be lots of fun. 2. Bayou of Blood: After seeing the voodoo queen at HOS last year I am even more excited to see universals take on it and more voodoo lore, plus a cool shack and a sacrifice. Whats not to like!! 3. Face Off: In The Flesh: Looks promising and i'm looking forward to all the varied scenes inside the zone. Should be the best use of the hollywood area in quite sometime. 4. MASKerade: Unstitched: Nothing interests me in the slightest about this, zone has a lot to prove to me, would have rather had the purge scarezone extend from New York all the way down to the gate and than put this towards the back of the park so i could avoid it easier if i don't enjoy the zone.
  7. 1. American Werewolf In London (Always had the scares, never a dull run) 2. Cabin In The Woods (Always had scares like AWIL, loved all the old HHN shout outs inside) 3. Urban Legends: La Llorona (Great facade, nice scares) 4. The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven (Massive Improvement over 22's house, Scares are relentless when the lights are low, especially on opening night) 5. Evil Dead (Loved the art direction, just never hit the scares at the right time. But great atmosphere inside) 6. Afterlife: Death's Vengeance (Minimal scares, but just a lot of fun. Had way to much fun under the influence inside this one) 7. Havoc: Derailed (Not in last because I went in late one night with three friends and the house had no one else in it, Would've made a great extreme house cause it was intense that night) 8. Resident Evil: Escape From Raccoon City (Cool sets, but God there was zero scares in here. I may have jumped once on opening night and never any other run through)
  8. My dream event for HHN Orlando is a two park themed set up. With both parks in operation it would allow for an increased amount of mazes, shows, and scarezones. My post will be divided up into a few categories Theme, Icons, Houses, Scarezones, and Online interactivity, story line and game. Theme - The Tagline for the event would be "Revenge Has Never Tasted Sweeter." The Back story of the event will revolve around the return of two icons that were thrown away and never used or allowed to show their true full potential. These two characters are Rebooted versions of Eddie, Jack's Chainsaw wielding brother, and Cindy Caine, The Caretakers undead little girl grown up. These two have teamed up into type of symbiotic relationship with one another with Eddie being the strong, aggressive, and dumb over protective pseudo father figure that the caretaker never filled in Cindy's life. While Cindy uses her own powers and abilities to control and take care of her murderous cohort who had been abandoned by his abusive older brother Jack for the Carnival of Carnage. These two have teamed up not just to help fill the void left in their very life's by those closest to them, but that they are out for revenge and to end the lives of those who left them. The event will feature all the past icons in some shape or forum with Fear itself hung dead from the entrance of The Studios and Lady Luck or her remains hung in-front of the Islands entrance from the studios.Both Bloody Mary and the Story Teller will be featured as Cindy's minor Icons while The Director and The usher shall be featured as Eddie's minor Icons all in their own team up houses. Now where will jack and the caretaker be you ask? Well they will be featured in their own houses getting truly what they deserve. Icons - Main - Eddie and Cindy Minor - The Usher, The Director, The Story Teller, and Bloody Mary House's - The Event will be split with Cindy taking over The Islands and representing the Original and Literary properties while the studios focuses on I.P.'s with Horror movie Buff Eddie at the Helm. Studios Houses - The Purge: Anarchy has come (Disaster Que) - based on the popular film franchise will you be able to survive the night once the american population has a lust for blood and they are coming for you. The Exorcist: Evil Is Eternal (SS) - Live through the terrifying events of The Exorcist and witness Reagan's very decent into evil it's self. Alien: Isolation (SS) - In space no one can hear you scream, especially when a xenomorph is on the lose and is not just hunting Ripley and her crew, but now it's stalking after you. Halloween: The Night Michael Comes Home (Parade Building) - Witness the events of the night that he came back to the small town of Haddonfield Illinois and he brought hell to their very door step. All Night Die In Take 3: Resurrection (Sprung Tent 1) - Walk into the remains of the old Universal Palace Theater and witness a satanic cult attempt to resurrect The Caretaker and The Usher into the bodies of two unwilling victims. As they are brought back from the grave walk through the scenes of some of cinemas most terrifying paranormal films such as Sinister, Insidious, The Grudge, and The Woman In Black. But that's the least of your fears once you have to face The Director and The Usher at the end of their house and they introduce you to their new rising star of horror Eddie!! Carnival of Carnage: Jack's Back!! (Sprung Tent 2) Walk into Jacks Carnival of Carnage and witness all his new freaks such as the Witch Doctor, The Minotaur, Zombie Trick R' Treaters, and Jack's killer clowns and Carnies. But once you reach the end of this freakshow something has changed and it's evident that Eddie and his chainsaw wielding friends have different plans for this twisted Carnival. As you exit you'll run into a tied up Jack yelling for his very life and the sake of your's as well as you face Eddie taking his full revenge on his menacing older brother one last time. Houses in Islands - Nightingales 2: Jungle Storm (Carnage Warehouse) - The Nightingales have returned and are bringing even more Havoc to the Vietnam war, but this time no one get's out this jungle alive. Scary Tales Return (SS) - Bloody Mary and The Story teller are back together to weave you into terrifying versions of our childhoods most beloved fairy tales including Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The Polar Express, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Beauty and the Beast, and Jack and the Bean Stalk. Screamhouse: Destruction (SS) - Enter Screamhouse one last time and witness the cannibalistic crazies that The Caretaker has in his employ these days. But something wrong has happened to the Caretaker as his very house and his cohorts start bursting into flames, and once you reach the end of the house you will witness a father and his daughter reconnected in death and flame for one last time. El Cucuy: The Boogeyman lives! (Discovery trail) Enter into the lair of the Boogeyman himself El Cucuy, and witness his very destruction brought onto the children of a small mexican town below his isolated cave. Scarezones - The Purge - Infront of Disaster que The Walking Dead - In New York area Treehouse of terror - In front of Simpsons and MIB Trick R' Treat - In Central Park Treks and Foons return - Toon Lagoon Classic Universal Monsters - in front of the mummy Marvel Zombies - Superhero Island Havoc: Mission Recon - Jurassic Park Rest of the parks will be decorated in halloween themes including jackolanters and other halloween decorations. As for the Online Legendary truth will return to study all the old icons and to find away to rid the world of them once and for all. You will reveal clues through an online game that will hint at the houses and scarezones.
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