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  1. I don't know if it's been brought up yet but what are the chances of us getting a Stranger Things maze? The new season comes out in October and the first season was a HUGE hit. I'm not sure if any of these clues point to that?
  2. Honestly, I'd just really love an Ash vs. Evil Dead maze, or maybe even one of the original Evil Dead mazes (even though The Evil Dead has been done). If they sealed one of those I would be absolutely content. Others I'd like to see: - Trick R Treat - The Conjuring - The Babadook - Cabin in The Woods ***Possible TWD spoiler*** I, too, would also love to see them add a Negan scareactor to TWD's attraction.
  3. I'll be going on the 6th, but can't get there until about 8 PM. Should I just bite the bullet and do what I was going to do and get FOtL?
  4. Pretty sure they'll add that black latex suit somewhere as well.
  5. Do you guys think we got a double announcement because we've been kind of behind? What with TWD year round opening and all.
  6. Okay, so now it says there are 7 new photos and I still don't see anything. Anyone still having that issue?
  7. This is the problem I'm having. It says they posted 3 new photos but all I see is Halloween.
  8. Out of curiosity, when could we expect another announcement?
  9. Is it September yet?

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