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  1. Your rant is quite silly. You knew what you were paying for, why should anybody make an exception for you only.
  2. 8/30/10: Esqueleto Muerte picture courtesy of thefitness.
  3. Saw it was your birthday :) Happy Birthday!

  4. Yeah Jimmy you requested to be my friend. I had saw you on the "people you may know" last night with like, 19 mutual friends, but I didn't recognize who you were.. then today we had 23 mutual friends. Those movies have been playing a lot recently. But I have seen most of them WAY too much.
  5. Florida Mall and Charlie St. Cloud at Citywalk today.
  6. This made me laugh inside. I went to the doctors today, and I go back in two weeks, then I go every week. It seems so close.
  7. I have no idea, this computer shouldn't be that old. My resolution is 1024x768. It looks like it can go higher, but I don't want to mess with it. I just discovered the "Go to top" button. Woohoo! XD
  8. It'd probably be the same thing as it was before though, a drunken crack addict. I don't think they'd do it again.
  9. I have so many comments on so many suggestions, but they were old posts so I didn't want to quote them all. One question, why Tom Cruise again? What did he do this time? Also, I doubt they'd do Kate Goslin since last year on the opening video they said if you were looking for John and Kate Plus eight "then you should leave, because that crap will not be featured here. We show crap that has a little more balls!" I also don't want to see Miley Cyrus or Lyndsay Lohan in Bill and Ted again.
  10. Yeah it is. Why are the board's width so long? This is the only site it does that on. I feel silly. Last night I was having extremely bad heartburn and went to Walmart thinking "I won't see anybody I know here!" So I was wearing unmatching pajamas (a blue Family Guy shirt, black shorts with gray stars), flip flops, with my hair un-brushed to get Zantac, but then not 5 minutes after I get home, Cody (the one three posts up) writes on my Facebook wall saying he saw me there. Crap. lol
  11. To me, the director one looks like the caretaker and the witch one looks like Storyteller. I don't know what the first one looks like.
  12. How do I find out the screen resolution? lol. It looks like this
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