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  1. Had so much fun!!!! Got early entry and did The Walking Dead, 13, Insidious, and Evil Dead mazes all before 8pm. After that we did Jurrasic Park, The Mummy, Transformers, and headed for the upper lot. Since we got up there around 8:30pm we decided to stretch time with the terror tram (80 min wait). Got out around 11pm, did El Cucuy, Monsters, and got in line for Bill and Ted (11:40pm showing). After that the only thing left to do was The Simpsons so we got on that. We finished at 12 something but we did everything there was to do for HHN (including the scare zones). We could have finished even earlier by timing terror tram differently but we purposely stretched time so the night wouldn't feel so short.
  2. Thanks so much Styp! Went ahead and bought tickets for next sunday! Can't wait to go. How busy was the park?
  3. I was wondering if you ever found a definite answer to your question. My sister has an ap so she could get miltiple ap sunday general admission tickets to HHN for $40. Me and my gf want to get some but we're not sure if we could use them without having APs. It asks for what names to print on the tickets so I'm thinking as long as the names match a state ID it'll work but I'm not certain about it.
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