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  1. As someone who has filled in 2 times as a scaractor there, i can tell you there are 2-3 burned zombies at least.
  2. It was one of my favorite roles ever to play! I loved sneaking up behind people in line and getting one last unexpected scare usually sending them running into the next room. Some of the reactions were just priceless!! I can relate to the "dont get scared too often" feeling, so im glad i could bring ya back there to that feeling!! Thank you to the big shout out! only 10 more months till HHN hahaha
  3. I am pretty sure i was your Merle that scared the crap out of you! And for that.... I say... Your welcome! :-)
  4. Was this in the room right after the crawl space? I am pretty sure that was me!! That is something I do heheh And Thank you!!
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