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  1. Most of the lineup stinks this year, but I'm sure it will be good. Also congrats to StraightEdge, it sounds like he might finally go to HHN this year.
  2. Can any other scareactors vouch for what's been said tonight
  3. Looks like this will be the year you finally go, hope you have fun.
  4. After seeing the show in Orlando I'd love to see Academy of Villians in Hollywood
  5. Do you think Universal would cancel a house that's already been built. If they just do Horror Story with asylum and build it, I'd like to believe they wouldn't do something dumb like shut the house down halfway through the event
  6. I'm in that video for like a half second but it's way too dark to make me out but if you want to try its at the end of tram when the chainsaw guys start and you follow the camera as they go to the groups behind you, I'm the first person that you see, I'm wearing glasses.
  7. I'd give anything to have house of 1000 corpses come back. Also Murdy really needs to do Cabin in the Woods, it's long overdue out here in Hollywood
  8. Well HHN is officially over, really fun night. Last terror tram was awesome except for the grumpy old worker who kept flashing his flashlight in people's eyes. Also I was almost not on last tram because team members didn't communicate with each other or us, it was a huge f'up on their part. Chainsaw Chaseout was a blast as well only wish Murdy would've stayed in one spot so I could have taken a picture
  9. Well the longest time i saw earlier was 110 mins, and I only expect worse tommorow. On another forum Freak said he Is there and everything is an hour or more
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