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  1. I'm going to put on my best old lady attempts at auditions next week. I wasn't a HUGE fan of Anarchy, I definitely liked the first one more (the purgers not the family *bleh! Kill them all*) but I'm excited to see the small changes in the SZ this year.
  2. Per USHAuditions on twitter, you can only audition once, not sure if that applies for POOL but I asked on twitter as someone said during auditions that if you didn't recieve a yellow card you'd have more opportunities to audition, their twitter said no, it "wouldn't be fair to others auditioning for people who already auditioned, to audition again." Miscommunication between departments maybe?
  3. We'll see. Sucks but they chose who/what they needed. Good luck to everyone and congrats to those who got tickets.
  4. I'm now playing the waiting game to get in there. Glad I didn't eat lunch because I'm nervous as hell. Good luck to everyone she congrats to those who made it.
  5. I'm so tired of TWD. I stopped watching the show after season two due to it straying off the path of the comics and got too Lucy-goosey for me personally. But, god no, PLEASE retire TWD after this season. If if returns next season, I'm definitely calling BS on the "we never do a maze more than three times" line Murdy has thrown out (TCM, Friday the 13th, etc)
  6. It's definitely got potential to be a fun maze, personally it appeals to me more than AWiL or AVP. I haven't watched the show yet but once it hits Netflix I'll give it a go - from the looks of the photos, there's some pretty sweet costuming and makeup. I'm a fan of the original but as this sounds like it's geared towards the TV series, we'll see what happens and how it plays out.
  7. I believe it would be "BLEH! BLEH! BLEH!" Back on topic. So I'm assuming from what I've already seen thumbing through the last few pages, that specs have changed dramatically. But, maybe I missed it, did we get an OFFICIAL announcement via Murdy that FDTD is actually happening?
  8. Vamps are having their own union break. I hear they're on strike but signs on wooden stakes don't seem to bode well for some reason? Never going to HHN again, no real vampires!? Next they'll tell us the zombies are running around with fake blood. Dreams = shattered.
  9. I don't think there's ever been a variety rule, and really see it as a bs call for Murdy and his team who try to use it for HHN, I don't see much variety ever, whether it be cultural or genre related.
  10. Speaking of slaughterworld, I miss that show. So much cheese, but so fun. I've settled with the fact that there don't be any B&T this year, maybe universal is going to let it lay low for a bit, like chuckys insult emporium and bring it back once people have forgotten about the mishap. 2012 set the B&T bar incredibly high and I think last year just tried too hard to meet that bar.
  11. I also just watched it and while I never could picture it as a maze, I really did love the change from strictly clowns at main entrance to the purge SZ last year, was really hoping we'd see that again this year.
  12. Yeah, I'm screwed out of universal, Disney and knotts on off season due to body art and previous crazy hair colors. Eh, at least halloween time it's not a bad thing. And most/if not all of my tattoos are horror related. Still will probably show up in longsleeves/cover things up.
  13. I'm going to cross my fingers that it's not 100+ temps like it has been, otherwise wearing longsleeves and pants is kind of going to suck. BUT, I'm going regardless and it's a small sacrifice for a great month of fun and scaring!
  14. My thoughts exactly! I just don't feel that pull to WANT to go with that line up. I love those films/franchises but as a maze? It just doesn't seem appealing. I'm also looking at it from a makeup artist and scareactor POV, and the "types" of scares, costuming, makeup etc, and as a scareactor I'm not sure if I could have my full heart and soul into something I personally don't find scary/exciting. But, opinions are opinions, no matter what, there's still SZ and so many options left to uncover. Let whatever be, be.
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