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  1. Well you’ll be happy to know it seems to be quickly going around that Sabrina and Gremlins are leaning on the “not real” sides.
  2. No 3D house since Lunatics Playground in 2016. Coincidence, I think not personally.
  3. Actually it seems like 22 may not be getting used, based on statement from @Legacy over on IU.
  4. A good chunk of her stuff is horror-inspired or laced with horror themes in terms of some of her music videos. Her album was apparently based on night terrors and such. and she’s already under Universal Music Group so...
  5. something something everything is a rumor until confirmed. I’m a bit suspicious that Legacy would flat out reveal that if it really was confirmed.
  6. It has been stated that apparently the IP on the cup may get swapped out bi-weekly I believe. I mean...neon theming in the 80’s based year. It could be true, but if you asked, that’d probably be the answer you get.
  7. I’m not the same guy as MiB above, but I will say I’m pretty sure streets were not complete last night though actors were out.
  8. I believe he may have been a ghost from the 2016 film based on that description? And to answer the question actually, the house so has been said is the first film with elements of the other two.
  9. The Tooth Fairy portion was described as a “Del Toro” vibe, so I’m gonna presume the rest of the house was somewhat similar and say no.
  10. It appears that “Tooth Fairy” was actually called Bedtime Stories, and it was a twist on, well, children’s bedtime stories.
  11. At this point: ”Anarcade” - POTS Plastic Surgery - Hollywood Vikings - CP Zombieland - NYC Rob Zombie - San Fran
  12. Us had the best opening weekend of a non franchise horror movie in history. And one of the top 3 in horror history. Top 2 for live action “original” films only behind Avatar. Critical and commercial success. They’re hitting an iron while it will still be hot, the Us and Jordan Peele train. It’s not that hard to get. They are gonna get some bank off of this.
  13. Hide and Shriek is not the official name for the Graveyard house, but yeah pretty spot on (though IDK about which is in 24A and “B”
  14. Well that’s Marketing’s fault. If I’m correct, they didn’t feel the Terra Queen was widely translatable as a concept so they attached the Storyteller whom was easier to hype up the event around.
  15. People on IU were told don’t show or even link it on the site. Which is a lot of security for something fake in that case.
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