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  1. So I'm in a FB Universal group and someone mentioned the house was "toned down" some as the event went on...I guess due to the severity of the strobes and its effect on people with some mild form of epilipsy (why they'd be walking through this anyway given the risk!? whatever) Can anyone confirm?
  2. Several of you mentioned Strangers and Shaun of the Dead...YES PLEASE!!!! I personally LOVED Strangers: Prey at Night, the wonderful 80s vibe. It made for a very fun night when we watched it and would LOVE to see a house! It can even be one of the "loosely based on the movie" haunted houses like Freddy vs Jason..I just wanna see some Strangers action
  3. Is it too late to get MY speculation in? I'd like to come back and see if I throw the dart anywhere near the bullseye..lol Stranger Things 2 (duh..this alone probably made them expand the calendar) Haunting of Hill House (be good to strike with this while the iron is hot) Stephen King's IT (based on the first movie..Aiello was asked this at the Q&A and he neither confirmed nor denied it for HHN29. 2nd will be out around the time HHN starts & IT was used at WB studios last year, hence why they likely couldn't use it) Blumhouse: either they bring over Unfriended/Truth or Dare combo OR Happy Death Day 2U & another Blumhouse franchise The Thing (this needs a REAL movie house..and its a Uni property) Nightmare On Elm Street (again, like Thing, based on the actual movie) Hellraiser (never cared for the 1st film, but seems to be a fan favorite) Re-Animator OR Return of the Living Dead OR Creepshow (I can only hope..fat chance on any of these..but let's see) I didn't realize I didn't leave much room for originals...but I predict at least ONE come back from the classic years...NIghtingales? Catacombs? The rest will be originals.
  4. I'm with Rikku (but maybe not call that section of the house GARBAGE), I made sure to watch First Purge theatrically having a strong feeling it was gonna be at HHN28 whether in house or scarezone form...sure enough, its HALF a house. They really tried given the film's material (the exploding stuffed doll scene was cool as was the finale with the gov't employees), but it was too little to work with IMO. Also agree with many of you that HDD could've worked as a FULL house. Not sure why they insist on doing Blumhouse anthology houses...can't it just be 'Blumhosue presents' and 1 featured title? Last note: I noticed in the HHN Headquarters store, Blu-Rays of both Unfriended and Truth or Dare are being sold...makes me think they'll bring the Hollywood House over next year for HHN29...kinda hoping NOT as I didn't care for Unfriended nor do I have ANY interest in Truth or Dare!
  5. Clash and Zombieman hit the nail on the head! As Clash said, the playfulness from years past (most memorable being HHN 26) didn't translate and I didn't get instantly "energized" when wtching the show the way me & my teens did the first year...we stopped and watched it 3 times I remember and obsessed over downloading most of the songs from the show. Like zombieman, I went 4 times this year (Rush of Fear), saw it our 2nd visit & when returning the 3rd & 4th times took a consensus with my kids...should we watch AOV again? We all agreed...naaah! That said, the show isn't HORRIBLE by any means, loved the screen/anime style fight & the laser light fingers was awesome...but was definitely a one & done.
  6. For those ragging on Poltergeist the movie...its definitely one of those that you have to grow up watching & appreciating. I was about 8 when this came out and the face peeling scene and giant monster face scared the bejeezuz outta me as a kid! Now so many years later to see these come to life in a house...its quite the experience! Interesting tidbit, despite Tobe Hooper's name attached as director, its been determined this is Steven Spielberg's baby and its quite obvious when watching said film. This is arguably my fav house of HHN28...hard to pick a favorite though, its like picking a favorite child. lol.
  7. Rush of Fear...and it JUST expired yesterday too. All good, we went more then enough times and seen each house pretty thoroughly!
  8. If its either of those IPs, it would be WISE of Uni to announce them earliest possible (March). They are hugely followed and would definitely bring a lot of guests this year.
  9. I'm super late to this party, but Billy (from the Dead Silence James Wan movie & HHN house from 2007) is sitting face down on a lower shelf in the Blumhouse Insidious "demon" red room. We love looking for Billy, he's Easter Egg'd quite a few HHN Houses.
  10. Might be a year too late, but would LOVE to see David S. Pumpkins (Google the SNL skit) show up with his skeleton dancers...just doing his "own thaaang!" If we're lucky SNL will do another skit and make it relevant again. I attended several Halloween Parties that had at minimum two David S. Pumpkins! UPDATE: Looks like he's BACK! Look up Rap Song SNL on Youtube! I'm confident we'll see him at Bill & Ted this year!
  11. Agree on Director or Usher. ALWAYS been a fan of the Director's houses and I happened to MISS the year Usher was the icon! My ONLY gap in 22 years of attending this event (I still hang my head in shame).
  12. Return of the Living Dead! Woohooo!!! lol
  13. My wishlist is pretty simple: Trick 'R Treat - Krampus was done this year...TrT's turn. Evil Dead - based on either the old movies or the new Ash vs Evil Dead show (or BOTH...even MORE epic!) Return of the Living Dead - Long shot, but there was already mention of "punk zombies"...why not based on THIS IP? Retruning house, Nightingales would be great...someone mentioned Catacombs, LOVED LOVED that house and recall that being my FAVORITE house that year. Felt like I was in the middle of an italian Gore flick set like Burial Ground or similar! Must've done it 3 or 4 times the one night I went that year. My "out there/probably NEVER EVER happen" wishlist: Dead Alive aka Braindead (Peter Jackson New Zealand Gorefest) - My kids and are were watching this the other night (they were watching for the first time) and THEY actually came up with the idea...scene after scene they were like "imagine this basement set at HHN?"....mannnnnn! Shaun of the Dead - Be GREAT for this movie to get its own house. Universal has the rights...but is it popular enough?
  14. The vote results so far SURPRISE me, thought for sure I'd be with the majority when its quite clear I'm NOT! lol As soon as EXORCIST was announced, I told Universal "take my money!". Its been my top horror movie of all time since forever & I'm a huge horror fan. happy to say, it did NOT dissapoint, the one house in the whole place I came out of huffing & puffing..I guess the house gets to me every bit as much as the movie still does. My top 3 anticipated: 1. Exorcist 2. Texas Chainsaw 3. Halloween II My bottom 3 (least to LEASTEST..haha): 7. Walking Dead (I knew to expect recycled scenes from the house I've seen every year for 5 years). 8. Tomb of the Ancients (not fond of Egyptian/Ancient Tomb haunts...its a ME thing. 9. Lunatics Asylum 3D (I love 3D movies, but 3D houses are getting lame).
  15. I guess I'm in the minority in that this was indeed my LEAST favorite scarezone (just finished Universal's HHN Survey and mentioned this too...sowwy). The whole '55 timeframe and H.S. geeks, jocks, cheerleaders and such attempting to scare. On paper sounds AWESOME but didn't work when executed. The other scarezones were MUCH scarier and atmospheric.
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