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  1. I really hope that videos surface sooner rather than later so that we can join in the excitement *fingers crossed*
  2. I feel that a haunted house in a theme park world will rarely offer more than the occasional jump scare. I think HHN has come to this realization as well. Instead they focus on concept, story, and bringing "IP Experiences" that people want to see. They also feel the need to cater to more than one crowd... General Public Teens Horror Fans Nostalgia Buffs HHN Die Hards Etc The more they can lure in,the more coin they make. Earlier I said I was content with 80% of this map. Not feeling Sabrina or Billie .. but I am not their target audience. But I will be damned if the other 8 don't peak my curiosity in some way, shape, or form.
  3. And yet 80% of that map absolutely sells ME on going to the event. Different strokes.
  4. I kind of like the simplistic nature of the name. It gets to the root cause of the concept and also has all that alliteration crap
  5. This is one of two.houses that makes me truly regert not going this year. So highly anticipated.
  6. Obviously next year they are going to have HHN at all 4 parks ... Make it a Halloween Destination with 30 houses in celebration of the anniversary
  7. I think a smart move, if they are going to announce Zombieland via video, would be to have it start off with Tallahassee walking by and picking up that exact same Twinkie
  8. Though I am not attending this year, I have to admit that while everything seems like it is going to be good - nothing is truly a hard selling point for me.
  9. Off Topic: Bill and Ted just wanted me to congratulate everybody on making it to Page 69 Dudes!
  10. Not going to lie, I am surprised that they actually put Ghostbusters up front when Stranger Things is the real draw they are using
  11. I just feel like Ghostbusters would be better suited for the New York Area of the park as a Scarezone. Get an inflatable Stay Puft coming over the museum, some Slimer puppetry, and both ghosts and people being assaulted by ghosts ... It would just be a blast and a more open "photo op" area for sure. Obviously it isn't going to happen that way, but I feel that is how you would get the most out of the property.
  12. I personally feel like Nightingales: Pit of Blood sounds better .... But that is just nit picking what sounds like it could be an awesome house.
  13. But as The Seven, what word(s) were you provided you that lead you to Mr. Belasco?
  14. I wouldn't go that far, as I have been following the event forever and a day. I just haven't gone as frequently as many of ya'll.
  15. Hence the reason I prefaced my statement the way I did. Is the plot simple enough to understand and rich enough to warrant a house, scarezone, segment of an HoB?
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