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  1. Once its all done, I'd love to see an overhead picture of the Shrek house just to see how it was all done. Kinda like what they did for avp last year.
  2. I gotta say this has added some excitement to something which was all but decided upon months ago. After the list got leaked it just became a slow crawl to the event same as the last couple of years but now the uncertainty is exciting. I wonder how much this whole thing will cost them in the long run. Something like this has got to amount to a rather large chunk of change surely.
  3. This! 100% this! I cant wait to get stuck in on a few good zones with my new lenses!
  4. Houses 1 - Doll house of the Damned Ever since the speculation ive been excited for this as there is something inherently creepy about a room full of dolls. 2 - AvP After AWiL im excited for puppets puppets and more puppets but i have the reservation of i could be just a little too excited and be let down. 3 - Halloween The first time im uber excited for a tent. Passion projects get me giddy. 4 - Giggles and Gore Even though its supposedly short i totally cant wait to see what happens. 5 - TWD I have no strong feelings either way about this house... Literally no feelings whatsoever anymore. I put it in the middle as it is literally blah. 6 - Roanoke I wish i could get as excited as some of my american friends but i dont really know enough on the legend to get to the same level even though i have been reading up. Sounds cool enough though! 7 - Dracula Im currently siding on it being a good thing that the movie wont be out before the house... Will it make me want to go see it like marketing is hoping? Probably not. 8 - FDtD I was so excited when i heard about FDtD (as in it was almost number one on the houses i was excited for)... then it was the TV show... i became less so... more houses got announced and its ended at the bottom... I know the show is meant to be good and is just like the film but argh i wish i was more excited. Feel like itll be a watered down version of a fine wine... Instead of Cheech's smelly pussy we will get Phoebe Buffay's Smelly Cat... Scarezones 1 - Purge I flip flop between purge and Bayou as number one but i loved the purge films and could make for an awesome street! 1 - Bayou I cant decide between the two, seriously! 3 - Maskerade As long as the visuals are there and the energy is up im excited. 3 - Face Off Something has to come last i guess... but after Purge and Bayou i look forward to both kinda equally. Im just happy zones are back!
  5. Just purely out of interest, has anybody heard anything about another opening scaremony again this year? Im assuming if we are getting a Purge scarezone we could get something similar to hollywood last year with the Purge siren and announcement and stuff but anything would be cool as even though it was walking dead last year it did all a little more atmosphere to the start of the event (we watched the scaremony twice over opening weekend before we got tired of the zombies and decided to wait in the parks after that )
  6. I'd never consider anything official until it's on the website. up until then it's all just rumor, speculation and a bucket load of high-hopes. Anything can change, that's what i've come to learn.
  7. Im open to a 3D house again (if executed a hell of a lot better than Afterlife) but would worry about the loss of light to be had in the Disaster que. The loss of light has been my downfall of that area for most houses, considerably the first Walking Dead house. Id be sad of the sub par scenes like the Spider Web scene (in inbetween IIRC), the electrical wirers (Penn and Teller) or the meat-bag and newspaper scenes (the redeeming parts of Afterlife) if they cant get the UV lights under control as they were all my fave in all the 3D houses. If they do it 3D that wouldnt be a bad thing id just be nervous about it until i see it But then im sure i heard somebody say they dont plan on a 3D house again for a while but i could just be making that up to make myself feel better after Afterlife!?
  8. Myself and my partner did wonder if "Home" codename was for either Insidious or The Conjuring?
  9. Well, we all knew it was coming but to hear the confirmation totally breaks my heart. The fact that its going to be double the length of any house prior worries me too... I kind of get the feeling that its going to be a house full of all the props used over the last two years... Im betting we will see everything we have already seen used in last years scarezones and the both houses with a new face on it (maybe thats how they can budget to do a double length house as its already been made). But then im british... im an eternal pessimist Oh well at least thats over... heres to the next announcement being something that will be awesome! Sweep this under the rug and move on.
  10. I saw this clue when i was just waking up and all i could see was Madamme Vastra from Dr. Who staring at me in the image behind the words. Now im awake i dont see it so much but thought id mention it as that is one IP i would love to see even though its a stretch goal.
  11. I dunno... i was pretty certain that it just 100% confirmed Bioshock. Maybe even Bioshock/Mario Kart 8: Luigi Death Stare crossover house.
  12. This is where i got up to before i started to regret starting it and hating life Just used it in Paint im sure there are more sophisticated programs but blah Seems vampireish. And more than one face... maybe!? Does this go back to the dual run vampire from the april fools thing that i keep thinking about.
  13. Possibly Alien? The song is from Annie and alien starred Weaver whos screen debut should have been in Annie Hall and wasn’t as she got cut out aside from one small scene i think!? Could be totally wrong but it does fit to Weaver's films and just trying to link current spec
  14. Just uploaded a few images to my Flickr PanoksPhotos HHN23 Set
  15. 1.AWiL 2.La Llorona 3.Cabin in the Woods 4.Evil Dead 5.The Walking Dead 6.Havoc 7.Afterlife 8.Resident Evil
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