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  1. VIP not really worth it. Had it last night and am not satisfied. Lounge food has gotten a touch worse. Your dinner is timed and you can only eat once. the special scare zone consists of 4 tombstones and a few scarators. there is no special backlot tour but they do shuttle you to the backlot once whereas non VIPs have to walk. VIP and FOL was sold out yesterday which jammed the FOL line; we had to wait for clowns, avp, awil, fdtd, and awil. the only reason you should go for vip this year is if you want unlimited FOL as there are no other perks.
  2. The GP have good reason to scoff at the event because this year's lineup can come across as non-stellar and last year was disappointing. Now I'm not saying last year totally sucked or that I'm not excited for this year, I already have my tix and everything. But think about it: last year the event was very underwhelming; it was the first year ever that I ranked Knott's Scary Farm above HHN. And now this year the GP - or the core target audience, which I'm assuming is teens to young adults, will look at the properties, just like you guys mentioned, and become disinterested (like the aforementioned sister). I on the other hand feel like there's great potential and am excited as hell to go. Why? Cus the Aliens franchise is badass. If you guys haven’t seen them please go and watch them if you can (only applies to Aliens 1-3). I think most of you younger folks would definitely get a kick out of Aliens 2 cus it was directed by the timeless James Cameron. Predator was also a great action flick; they simply don’t make them like that anymore. If you want to become interested in AVP go and watch Aliens 2 and Predator. For you guys who are judging the FDTD property based on the TV show, please go and watch the original movie directed by Rodriguez. It is one of my favorite action-horror movies of all time. It’s a quintessential popcorn flick. If you need more incentive to watch it: it was written by Quentin Tarantino and stars George Clooney as a badass thief on the run. The movie AWIL didn’t resonate with me; I watched it recently for the first time to kinda understand what the maze would be about, but I couldn’t get into it because the writing and acting were just too weak. However, you guys have all heard the praise from people over in Orlando, and seeing how the maze is more or less an updated transplant from Orlando, then it should be just as good if not better. TWD, Dracula, and Clowns all have potential because they are all proven Halloween cliché properties – zombies, vampires, and evil clowns. Even if they totally suck, at least the event will hit on a ton of different oldies but goodies. FO doesn’t even count so who cares. I don’t really care about the cancellation of Bill and Ted cus it hasn’t been good since 2009. Plus, I haven’t been on Minion Mayhem and am looking forward to that as a new experience. Anyways, that’s my two cents.
  3. @ahhwhathhn The earliest VIP usually sells out is around 5 days before the event and that's during peak season. The 18th is the beginning of peak so you want to buy them as early as possible. I'm 100% sure VIP will be available for the 18th on the third.
  4. I think it’s worth it based on two factors: 1) you’re debating between FOL or VIP – as in GA is not even a consideration, and 2) you go on a date where VIP costs $209. If you meet the above criteria, then the difference in price between FOL and VIP is $90. Let’s discuss how to justify the additional $90 upcharge. To park your car, you have to spend $20; this is covered by VIP so the upcharge now comes to $70. Dinner is also covered with VIP; let’s be conservative and say you spend 10 bucks on dinner, well at this point the upcharge for VIP is reduced to $60. If you're a drinking man then two free drinks at a highly conservative pricepoint for Hollywood would be 7 bucks a drink. This reduces the upcharge to 46 bucks. Now you have to ask yourself: is $46 an amount you're willing to spend for VIP privileges that are difficult to appraise? Essentially, is unlimited FOL for everything worth $46 to you?
  5. I could be 100% wrong but the way that particular moment played out makes me believe that Murdy has something big in store for us. I don't think Murdy is referring to the original maze announcement when he said there's a huge reveal to come. It either is a show and this information was revealed to landis, or its something that you fine sleuths on this board have failed to pick up on. Kind of off topic but Murdy gave a very interesting bit of info today: he said something to the effect of each maze has to cycle 4500 people per hour at HHN. I thought that was interesting.
  6. Straightedge: the FOL pass will guarantee you get on every maze once on any night. So in that respect, there's no bad time to go hhn with fol privileges.
  7. Ok. Here's one you guys will like. Q and A sess, a last asks murdy if they will be shows. Murdy tries to deflect but landis pushes him to give a legit answer. Murdy then replies,"there is a major announcement yet to come". A lady asks*
  8. C Williams art director and murdy exec producer to stage Awil confirm
  9. Sitting in auditorium waiting for presentation. Will post along the way.
  10. Light show, lol. Kind of. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER its a projection of a 5 minute cgi movie onto a house and it sucks. I will respect everyone's opinion about HHN 2013 in general, but if you go to VIP and you like this part of the VIP, then I would have to say you have horrible taste.
  11. Nice review freak, I'm glad you liked the event. Are you going to any other haunts this season?
  12. DTH, man great review. I think you did a fantastic job of planning this event out and kudos on keeping such great notes to provide us with. You basically gave the blueprint for doing everything without VIP or FOL. I was there on Friday as well, and I too posted a review but it's nowhere as thorough and thoughtful as yours. Although I have a few diffeing opinions, I agree with you that it was an underwhelming year. I hope the haunt season isn't over for you. I'll be going to Delusion on Saturday and I'll tell you how it goes. I can tell you're a big haunt fan so I hope I can reccommend some haunts to you.
  13. I'll be attending with a VIP pass opening night. I'll tell you guys if I think it's worth it. Also, I'll put up a review.
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