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  1. Ok, so is it possible to enter the houses with fewer people? Could I ask the house guard to let me be the first to enter when they cut off the regular line for the fast pass and then I would be first in line when the guard opens up the regular line? Do you know what I am trying to say lol ? Every year I go Im surrounded by a cluster fuck of people and cant see shit. I really wish people could be spaced out more. Do you have any tips?
  2. Ahh damn, the only reason Im going september is for lighter crowds..can't afford a express pass. I just really want to do AvP, Dollhouse, and the clown house. Don't really care about the others. I am hoping to at least do those three and I'll be happy, along with the Mummy ride! Busch Gardens opening weekend is this weekend...so hopefully that will attract most of universals crowds
  3. Alright, I have always been going on wednesdays and thursdays in October (mainly first week in october and towards end of october), however the crowds have been bad. Long lines and drunken idiots have slowly ruined it for me. Now, I really want to go this year and my friend and I are planning on going Friday the 26th of september. Do you think the crowds will be heavy? He can only do fridays and saturdays because of school. We can't really afford the fast pass for the houses. Sorry for my english, im not native english speaker!
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