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  1. Hey Kursed, I can see why you hated the Pharoah role in Face Off. Did it after Tram, and it was not a fun experience. Just as I was done with wearing a chest piece, I had to wear another one for the Pharaoh. I feel ya
  2. Starting this coming week, my role will be swapped to Mud Walker (Still on tram though). I don't know if this is permanent, but it should be interesting instead of laying down in a box on display as eye candy.
  3. I definitely agree with you on this. Not really digging my spot but we'll see. Still pumped though. Anyways, see y'all tomorrow at scare base my fellow scareactors.
  4. Going on Friday as well Kursed and kingundisputed I wish you both good luck with the school schedule. I lucked out with how my school schedule turned out. Taking online classes this year and hoping it's better for the situation of HHN. I struggled last year with balancing school and HHN. I think my friend is also a mud walker and could possibly be your double
  5. I know a good amount of vets that worked in the Evil Dead maze that's working at Face Off. And they always have their A game on. Guess they going out with a big bang. I agree with you Kursed how now there's that veteran presence that's gonna help that maze compete with the others.
  6. Ancient Temple Ruins (Hallway) People Juicer
  7. Congrats to you as well kingundisputed! Is your brother doing HHN again this year? He and I worked at the Evil Dead Maze.
  8. I'm totally digging the concept art for Dark Chrismas
  9. Now this made my morning! thanks Grind for coming. Wished I scared you though. Anyways hoped you enjoyed HHN this year. Quick question though, what time did you go through evil dead?
  10. Yeah I came for you as soon as I heard Sharon then you said you were Mr.HHN from the forums. Couldn't leave you without trying to get you somehow. I think I like did a screech or something like that behind you. Thanks for coming out again! Glad you like the improvements and the aggressiveness from our cast
  11. I saw you and heard you scream Sharon last night I believed. Now I know I wasn't tripping out. It was great seeing you there
  12. Yeah im pretty sure I heard someone say Sharon! I thought I was going crazy lol but anyways yeah thanks for coming out! if you do come again, it'll be fun to get you a different way! Im all about innovating myself and I'm pretty sure the cast is gonna amp up their game too!
  13. Thanks for the review! Glad that I was able to scare you! The guy who plays David, we're like a team, if you don't get scared from him, you'll get scared from me. When both of us are on the money, we send people running to the hills. We'll be sure to find new ways to scare guests while staying to the creative given to us! Hope you enjoyed the event this year!
  14. Gonna be finding new ways to get you unexpectedly. Gonna need some more demons to possess me in order for that to commence!

    1. ferox


      I'll be there on the 5th. Looking forward to it.

  15. That's exactly how I feel. Totally agree with you 100%
  16. Can't we all just appreciate the detail John Murdy, Chris Willams, and their team did. A lot of thought has been put into this maze for a long time. Simply put just go through the maze and enjoy being put through the movie upfront while being scared
  17. Experience it first hand then make your judgement and opinions. That's all I'm gonna say

  18. It is what is. Property wise is on them. Whatever reason they did it they just did. Nothing we can't do I guess. Adding elements from the Orlando side to accommodate the weaknesses the Hollywood side has would've made this maze better than a mile stretch. Btw, I'm jealous of how the Abomination costume looks at Orlando. They get freaking body suits. Oh well, everything happens for a reason
  19. Crossing my fingers that they find a replacement for the third girl in the Blood Rain Mia rotation. Otherwise I have to be constantly be quick with resetting from 10 to 5 seconds and it's gonna be intense for me lol
  20. I don't if you actually been to the maze yet but there's misters with the red lighting. Sometimes we have issues with it. That's really everyone's main concern right now
  21. I know what you mean. The way Orlando pulled it off was great cuz it was a live actor and since they got a soundstage, they were able to make room for a actress with a mic to say some of the iconic lines.
  22. I happen to play the Abomination in the toolshed. For the Blood Rain Mia that many people are hating on cuz she doesn't do it right, she's being replaced I think, the rotations for that role is gonna be fixed for Friday. For that dummy in the cellar part, there's nothing really that creative can do cuz the Mummy Queue area ain't elevated so they can't really change that now and they don't want to excavate just for that particular scene as mentioned by John Murdy on Twitter
  23. I have yet to hear the attack word from anyone yet haha. If you're there make sure to yell it out cuz it would be cool to scare someone from this forum lol
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