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  1. No offense to anyone on here but Mr. Claustrophobia is a straight up idiot. If there are two paths clearly marked, why the hell would he choose to go through a very tight and enclosed space? Lesson well learned! And he closed the finale scene and a lot of the maze because of his stupidness!!!
  2. It closed last Saturday at like 10:00 pm because somebody had a heart attack.
  3. I'm judging the house as it was on the day I went. I'm sure my opinion about it will change when I visit again.
  4. I liked them but I just think that the decision to scrap the boogeyman house wasn't great.
  5. If you mean becoming a baby, because thats all that I saw in that room.
  6. Okay, so I went last night to HHN 24 and I had extremely high expectations soaring from AVP to Roanoke, My expectations weren't met in any way shape or form. I will be back later to evaluate if the energy of the scareactors has changed so this is the first review: This is the ranking of the houses Dollhouse of the Damned 10/10: This is by far the best tent house I have ever gone through in the history of HHN. From the facade to the finale, you become immersed in a very disturbing environment. The crib room is cool because of the smells but is very over hyped, what I will say is try to taste the room... The scenery throughout the house is nothing short of spectacular and huge props to the guy dressed as a mummy who scared the living daylights out of me. My expectations were beyond met in this house and it is simply amazing. Halloween 9/10: A&D congratulations on this one. The house is nothing short of spectacular and the scenes are replicated exactly like the movie. The guy from the dark room with fake statues made me go down with his knife so props to you bud. It is a very well put together house and I believe that they really did justice to John Carpenter's classic. Unfortunately the facade projections were broken so meh TWD: 8/10: Wasn't expecting to like this one at all but Aiello you beast. The environments are great and I really like the animatronic horde (from Hollywood last year) despite many people hating it. Strobe lights are used very effectively and the finale is really well put together. Zombies aren't scary, that is why this house doesn't get a great rating. Beside me liking the maze, it is crucial that TV show properties are changed for the 25th anniversary... meaning no more walking dead Giggles and Gore 6/10: I don't really like mazes that take place in the disaster queue because space is very limited inside. Clowns don't scare me at all and there is not a lot of gore inside the house. Unlike the other three, if I hadn't read the house plot I would have absolutely no idea what was going on. Th discarded clown part of the factory is cool but other than that... not very much going on FDTD 4/10 : The sets were extremely elaborate but the maze didn't make sense at all. The maze should have started with the bar scene and Santanico dancing, instead of curtains with a bunch of Culebras. The scare actors in this house weren't great and the Culebras are obnoxiously loud. I hated the TV show and until this day I can't figure out why it became a house at halloween horror nights AVP 3/10: Some person with a cardiac condition decided to go in a house that clearly states "NO PEOPLE WITH HEART CONDITIONS SHOULD ATTEND" and they ended up having a heart attack. A lot of the xenomorphs were shut down because of this and the great finale scene. I saw about 2 xenomorph puppets and 3 predators. Many of the effects weren't working so I will have to update this review when I visit again. The only good thing were the sets which they absolutely nailed from the facade to the egg room. The puppets were amazing but there were only 2 of them. I was looking forward to this house the most, and it turned out to be one of the worst houses during my experience. Roanoke 1/10: Why? Just why did they have to scrap a house based on the boogeyman and make this horrible thing with sets thrown together. Literally looks like it was put together in a week.... similar to a home haunt. The cannibals aren't scary at all and if you are hoping to see a wendigo, you are up for disappointment. The stilt wendigos look horrible. There is a little bit of gore but the rest is plain pathetic. Sorry to rant but this is one of the worst houses if not the worst that HHN has ever put together. I really expected more from them. Scarezones: Masquerade 2/10: The only reason this doesn't get a one is because the human candles looked cool. Other than that, the scare actors had no energy whatsoever and were basically wondering throughout the zone without making an effort to scare people. HORRENDOUS Purge 5/10: Sets were kinda cool but I literally only saw about 4 purgers. Come on its purge night, everybody should be purging, The actors also had very little energy and the only group that was somewhat effective were the chainsaw people Bayou of Blood 3/10: NOT SCARY AT ALL. BUNCH OF PEOPLE WITH MINIMAL MAKEUPS !!!!! NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT THIS EXCEPT THAT IT WAS WELL LIT Face Off 0/10: A joke, a literal joke. More like a photo op for people instead of a scarezone. Some of the characters weren't even from the TV SHOW and the minions did a horrible job at scaring people. Don't waste time on this one Overall Event Rating: 6/10 I MUST SAY I WAS TRULY DISAPPOINTED THAT IT WAS THE FIRST TIME THIS EVENT HASN'T BEEN RATED 8/10 OR ABOVE FROM ME Also, first time I wasn't able to go through all the houses with an express pass, because the lines were too F***** long. Wasn't able to do Dracula but I will on my next visit.
  7. Dude, you guys exaggerate so much what the crib room actually is. The only thing is that it slightly smells bad nothing else, I could name more than 4 rooms that were more disturbing
  8. Guess ill have to wait until the 20th to find out.
  9. What do you mean yes and no? And what was ur favorite house?
  10. What is this crib room? Everyones been talking about it and does anyone know if there is a wendigo in the finale of Roanoke?
  11. 1. The pick up of the VIP pass works like this: you go to the VIP area before entering the park and show your ID They then hand you your VIP badges. They also give you a wristband (FOL) but because you have VIP, it is unlimited!!!! 2. You have unlimited visits to the VIP lounge where you can relax and eat food. A time will be written in a yellow sticker that is on your VIP pass. That will be the time that you have to be at the VIP lounge for your VIP Experience. Arrive 10 minutes early so you can chill before going. The VIP guide takes you to the Insidious experiment (which is extremely intense), as well as the backlot mazes and the terror tram. You then return and can do mazes with FOL as many times as you want to. It was extremely fun and is well worth 200 dollars. Any questions feel free to ask...
  12. Hey gay people, Please learn how to take a joke. Sincerely, frh
  13. I went last weekend and I thought Insidious was the best maze.
  14. Lets just say that the Bill & Ted show was hilarious, including the jokes they made. Critics just get pissed off because they don't have anything better do do then nagging.
  15. Was anyone in the 9:20 VIP Experience on October 19th?
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