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  1. Huh thanks for the info. Yeah I'm going to ask around. This year there is a Sunday and Monday before Halloween. I didn't expect it to be that busy.
  2. Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been back here and just had a general question. Has the event still generally been slow on Halloween Night itself for the past two years? I know it used to be and that's the night I'm aiming for this year. If so, do you think that trend continues this year? Have Wednesdays been slower? I think those were new dates added this year to try to meet the demand. For all the pros here who have actually been on Halloween, do you think it will be slower this year still? Otherwise probably won't go until the first weekend of November. Want to avoid hell week and those insane prices. Would never do this event again without an Express Pass. Thanks
  3. Wow, extremely strong lineup for IP houses this year. Besides TWD, everyone of them is awesome. Really hope I can make it. The crowds are going to be more insane then usual with some of those names though. 1) Hallowen II: Hell Comes To Haddonfield 2) The Exorcist 3) Krampus 4) American Horror Story 5) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 6) Ghost Town 7) Tomb Of The Ancients 8) Lunatics Playground 9) The Walking Dead
  4. Wow so I haven't been following along this year but saw The Exorcist and Texas Chainsaw Massacre announcements and got stoked. The Walking Dead...not so much. They have more material then last year so it should be better but without the actual characters being a part of the maze (which I guess is never going to happen), I don't care anymore. Shocked that the house lineup has not leaked this year. That's a first in a long time. But really excited with the rumored houses: Would love to see Halloween 2 and Krampus (wasn't a huge fan of the movie because in tone it didn't know what it wanted to be but it would make a great house). I still would love to see Trick r' Treat over it though. If true, a mega Hitchcock hits house would be very cool also. Bates Motel was fantastic this season but they can't make a house on that. There's just not enough material. I'll wait to see what else is announced but I'll definitely be there if Halloween 2 is announced. I missed it last year due to the lack of Scream but this years lineup looks much stronger. Just wasn't worth it to go to see Freddy vs Jason, Greatest Hits, and Body Collectors. Here's to hoping to no more cheesy gimmicks like I saw in the Freddy vs. Jason walk through though.
  5. I completely disagree with you. People with express should be able to just walk in or wait 5-10 minutes max. The whole point of getting that pass is to be able to hit everything and do it comfortably. Prices for those passes this year are $70-$120. If someone spends $120 more then I did for the sole purpose of skipping the lines, then yes they deserve to be able to walk in. The prices for these passes seems like they keep going up. It's more then the event itself. I refuse to spend $110 - 120, that's just insane so looks like if I go it will be on a Wednesday this year.
  6. Yeah this honestly makes me less excited to go. I thought 20 minute express waits for certain houses last year was pushing it in early October on a Thursday. I hope this weekend is a fluke because for the amount of money that you spend for that, to still wait 40 minutes is completely ridiculous. I was surprised to even wait more then 5-10 minutes because it's never been that way before.
  7. There is full walk throughs for every house out there in really nice HD video quality. From what I've seen of Orlando there is just highlights of Freddy vs Jason, Body Collectors, Asylum In Wonderland, M&M, Insidious and The Purge so far. There is full walk throughs of RUN and AWOL. I won't watch them until going or if I don't go, later on. We never really get as high quality videos over here even after they are allowed. Or maybe houses aren't as dark there, I dunno.
  8. Good to hear a lot of positive things being said already. I'm excited for a bunch of them especially Freddy vs. Jason, Body Collectors, Insidious, M &M and Asylum In Wonderland. I just watched all the Hollywood house videos from two HD sources and while I can't comment on anything in Orlando this year yet, I will say that their Insidious house is excellent. From what I've heard, ours is supposed to be a knockout but I'm not sure if it will top that one. As someone who's seen all three movies multiple times, it's very well done with the scenes they chose. I'm glad it left out a lot of the 3rd movie too. I also don't think our Purge house is going to come close to the terror tram which is perfect for that sort of idea. Once again, it's really well executed out there with a lot of creative scenes and tons of different masks. I'm honestly more excited to see what I can spot of Scream in ours. Halloween doesn't come close to ours though. They tried but A&D knocked that out of the park in terms of atmosphere. It's just too hard to replicate what they accomplished. A few creative scenes in this one but a really stupid placement of a Michael Myers mannequin. I also don't like the masks. TWD was okay. That was a weird choice to have an overrun FEMA camp as one of the scenes. Those "supposedly" don't exist and that was obviously not part of the show. What is shown of that scene sure looks a lot like what was in that I Pet Goat II video so maybe they were inspired by the conspiracies or something. Anyways, I really liked the elevator scene there. The way they positioned all the walkers outside the glass is really cool. Besides that and the opening scene, I hope ours is better but don't have the highest hopes after hearing what the water effect is. Crimson Peak has beautiful sets. I haven't seen the movie but that house looks a lot better then Dracula Untolds did out there last year. TITE is goofy but pretty true to the movie. Not really sure what else they could have done. And I'd rather have AVP again with how well it was done out there then AWOL especially after hearing that they still haven't improved the emptiness of the Piccadilly Circus scene.
  9. Really sick commercial! Now that's like the old days. Love seeing the properties actually appear like they used to. I always remember the commercial where Chucky popped up out of the popcorn machine with "Lets all go to the lobby" playing. Wish the Body Collectors had been in one the cages because it would have totally fit. I know it was rumored that they had to cut Ghostface but extremely stoked with what we got. Definitely the best one in years.
  10. Houses: 1) Freddy vs. Jason 2) Body Collectors: Recollections 3) Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem 4) Insidious 5) The Walking Dead - The Living Dead 6) The Purge 7) Asylum in Wonderland 3D 8) RUN: Blood, Sweat, and Fears 9) An American Werewolf in London Scare Zones: 1) All Nite Die-In: Double Feature 2) Evil's Roots 3) PsychoScareapy: Unleashed 4) Scary Tales: Screampunk 5) Icons: HHN
  11. Oops I didn't mean to cause this huge cloud of negativity. I was just being honest with the current pricing of the event. Like comparing the lineup to what it actually costs to go. Because nowadays to be comfortable you need an express pass. And that's all well and good if all of the houses sound fun. But this year I just thought the lineup was lacking. And this coming from someone who did attend a lot of the earlier years but personally prefers the IPs. Dream Walkers is one of my favorite houses ever. Body Snatchers is probably one of my favorite originals. I've gone so many years that I hate to see the event reuse houses like Howl O Scream does. And that's what AWIL feels like to me. I'm glad everyone else is fine with it being back. I thought it was good the first time around but just feel like they could have done something differently with how many different horror properties there are out there. Quoting someones post above, yeah no ones ideal lineup is going to suit everyone but having three properties back so soon is kind of a waste (and I know they couldn't do anything about The Purge situation). I understand TWD. Really I do. I was one of it's biggest supporters here leading up to the 2nd year. I wanted to see it come back because I felt the potential was not met in 2012. And last year I was fine with it too. Biggest house ever, sign me up! But this year the best thing they can say about it is "We added water!" It just screams marketing. If they really wanted people to be excited they would have finally gotten the rights from AMC to use the characters in the house. That's what people want. If I go I'll still be excited to walk through it but I know to lower my expectations from previous years. I did like the house a lot last year though especially the forest scene and the ending. I'm glad to hear Scream was originally planned to be the movie. I wonder what happened at the last minute then when the TV show is a very different beast. And I am bummed we'll never see this property at the event ever. As someone who also goes to Howl O Scream frequently, Alice 3D does sound like an idea from them. I thought A&D would be more creative with picking am original for the anniversary. It screams safe, especially with 3D. Okay so with all that said, I really am excited for Freddy vs Jason & Blizzard. I can't wait to see what they do with the Body Snatchers. I hope that the Anniversary house is better then Hallow'd Past. I went that year and can barely remember that house besides that it was in the parade building. That was the one I was looking forward to the most during the event too. So once again just not setting my expectations through the roof. Insidious should be really well done and hopefully RUN can capture some magic of the past. The Purge has the chance to be really cool too and it will be interesting to see if you can spot the scenes from Scream that were removed. I love that the pumpkins are back in the streets. That atmosphere was missing in the past few years in the event. Like I'm not huge on scare zones (especially last years minus Purge) but this year they all sound pretty cool. So honestly I'm not all negative. Just not as amped as last year where the only house I wasn't excited about was Dracula Untold. I didn't have high expectations for Giggles N Gore either but the idea was awesome. The shortness of the house...not so much. It should be fun and I'll be eager to read the reviews on Employee night. I'll decide if I'm going to go or not as it gets closer. I'm sure I probably will.
  12. 1) Freddy vs Jason 2) Blizzard 3) Insidious (would have been Scream) 4) Anniversary 5) TWD 6) The Purge 7) Alice in 3D (would be higher without 3D) 8) RUN 9) AWIL
  13. Signing on for the first time since I saw the Purge announcement and caught up on the last 10 pages or so explaining what happened. I understand that Universal really didn't have a lot of choice in this matter but it still sucks to lose Scream for The Purge. Scream is one of the best slashers ever and I was really stoked for it. With it's cancellation, that might be the straw that stops me from attending this year. So can anyone confirm if it was originally based on the show? If it was, why would A&D agree to it? The show is fucking awful and is a slap in the face to any of the movies. Seriously there is a reason it is rated as one of the worst shows on TV by sites like AV Club. Generic plot, horrible dialogue, terrible acting and awful characters. Even by MTV standards it is so bad in every possible way. I can't believe it was renewed for another season but teenagers watch stupid shows I guess. I couldn't continue after episode 3. So if everything that went down last week had to do with rights issues with the house being based on the movies vs the TV show, why would they have chose this property knowing full well that they couldn't do the movies beforehand? Did they think it would become a huge hit or something? I mean the writing was on the wall when everyone involved with the movies distanced themselves from it. If the house was going to be based on the show then I'm happy that the Purge replaced it. But if it was going to be the movies, man what a bummer. So much potential with the original alone. I just can't see A&D not knowing that they couldn't use stuff from the movies beforehand. No way would they waste an IP for the big anniversary on a show that was not guaranteed to be a hit. If they knew in advance they seriously should have chosen something else right when the rights holder said no. Now it's just a huge mess with marketing. The Purge fits but it still feels like a wasted IP when we could possibly see it again next year for the 3rd sequel. I feel like maybe we could have gotten Crimson Peak or possibly something even better to replace this idea once they found out that the movie was off limits. It completely made sense in the leaked list because the original is a huge IP but no one wanted the show. It's ratings are nowhere near AHS which pulls around a 1.8 - 2.2 in the 18-49 demo. The last episode of Scream pulled a 0.3. To give everyone an idea how big TWD is, it regularly pulls 7.0 - 8.0 and even higher for season openings/finales. Plus that makes 3 properties repeating this year that have been at HHN very recently (TWD, AWIL & The Purge). I don't know, overall like a lot of others, I'm just not that excited this year. The main house I'm looking forward to is Freddy vs Jason but I don't see it living up to the classic NOES house from a few years back. I doubt they did a new cue video like they did for Dreamwalkers. Besides that I'm really only looking forward to the return of the Body Snatchers. Insidious will be cool to walk through but I hated the 3rd movie. The second has scenes that will fit really well into a house though. I'm a huge fan of it and understand it being back but TWD this season isn't right for a house. The press didn't even mention Alexandria so I guess it's going to be based off the first half of the season minus the Atlanta scenes. Last years house was fun but I've been bummed about this property ever since it's return the second time around. Still kind of shocked AMC won't let the characters be used after how much money this makes them. Not excited about the return of AWIL. I wasn't raving over the house like everyone else the first time around. It was good but I liked Halloween last year way better. I thought the Piccadilly scene in the original was hugely lacking scare actors so maybe they'll fix that? Not sure what else they can do with it. Once again feels like a waste of an IP. Anniversary House was forgettable the first time around so I hope this ones better. Alice has been done to death and I hate the 3D gimmick. That idea is better for something like Howl O Scream. Don't care about RUN either. So I'm stoked about two houses and pretty meh on all the others especially at the price with Express Pass. All of that will amount to like $200 for a total of 8 minutes. I'm kind of on the fence about attending right now but don't want to miss Freddy vs. Jason. Losing Scream was big for me.
  14. Just saw the video announcement. Seriously?! They get Crimson Peak and we are getting another AWIL house on the big anniversary? Wow that is so freaking lame. C'mon that one should have gone to both and Universal Orlando could have actually done something with it because the movie looks like it has a ton of potential unlike Dracula Untold. Who really wanted AWIL again? It's almost worse then TWD because that will at least be different sets. Theres' not much they can change with AWIL.
  15. So logging in for the first time in months and checking out the rumored full house lineup. Hadn't seen anything but speculation a few months ago. Things I'm excited about: The Body Collectors returning!! I really hope this house lives up to the others. Freddy vs Jason! Two of my favorite icons but really hoping this isn't just based off the movie. Hope A&D come up with something else and incorporate ideas from all the NOES and Friday The 13th in it. Scream sounds cool! Wondering if it's based on just the first movie or the sequels. Please no to the MTV show. Still this won't be as iconic as Halloween was and like others have said Scary Movie has kind of ruined Ghostface. Insidious has the opportunity to be awesome. Hoping this isn't a redo of Hollywoods house and we see some elements from 3 which comes out this summer. Hallow'd Past 2 should be awesome! Hope they pack it with icons and it is better then the original. Things I'm up in the air about: RUN - I've heard really good things about the original houses but have not had good experiences with any of the Disaster houses lately. That que is always insane. Alice In Wonderland - The idea sounds great...until they said it was in 3D. I'm not a fan of 3D houses. To me they always come off cheesy and to me this would have been a lot cooler if it had a sinister dark tone like Pans Labyrinth and not gone colorful. Things I'm unhappy about: AWIL: Seriously? I liked it two years ago. it's a great house but why bring it back so soon? They can't do it much better, the only thing that they really could have improved was the Piccadilly part which was empty in the original. Unlike TWD this can't really be that different. I get this house has it's huge fans but I would way rather see something else. It seems like a huge waste of a soundstage and an IP where they could have chosen another classic to nail. It seems like they could have done something like Poltergeist but probably would have went with what looks like the lame remake...but honestly it would still be better then what we've already seen. Like they could have also done Exorcist, Rosemarys, Baby, The Omen, The Shining, etc.. I just hope they are repeating this one to save money for other areas. . TWD - I have been one of the biggest supporters of this franchise here in years past but there is really no where else for this house to go. They won't incorporate the characters of the show like every other year it's been at HHN so it will just be like walking through the settings for season 5. But the problem is there isn't much to really walk through this year. We've already seen Terminus. The Atlanta areas and hospital will probably come off cheap looking and then once we get to the second half there isn't much there, just more abandoned houses and woods. Alexandria definitely doesn't fit HHN. Interested to see how they can top the biggest house ever though (which I did like). But overall I'm excited. Nightmare On Elm St and the second Body Collectors house were two of my favorites ever so stoked to see these characters back. Really hoping for more promotional stuff this year and not another dull commercial.
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