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  1. With the Dark Christmas SZ I thought I'd share a thought on something I found on upcominghorrormovies.com A new film named 'Krampus' Release date: November 25th 2015 It's said that this film will be in a similar style of Trick 'r Treat Co-written and directed by Michael Dougherty (Trick 'r Treat) Maybe this year's SZ Dark Christmas is a test for the upcoming film or maybe a shot at Trick 'r Treat in some way or another on how us fans take in that kind of legend
  2. Yes it was lol I love the franchise but Idk if I'd want it as a maze
  3. It's obviously Sweet Tooth from the Twisted Metal video game ;D
  4. This is the HHNH construction forum not the critique others forum. Thx
  5. 747 SS hosts From Dusk till Dawn so maybe the 3rd maze construction in the back lot is the original maze or maybe a purge anarchy maze with the hunting grounds and some hallways with a few scares since we are getting a bonus 7th maze this year.
  6. Just get it on pirate bay lol its an amazing show. I like how they ease into the snake/vampire setting instead like the movie where it's like hey were in a bar called tittie twisters and bam all of a sudden snake/vampire monsters!
  7. 3 films coming out by Uni later this year besides Purge 2. August 15th 2014 'As Above, So Below' October 17th 2014 'Dracula Untold' October 24th 2014 'Ouija' I haven't seen any trailers or read any solid plots for these films yet so idk if they could work as a SZ or maze but just a thought. I know how Uni loves to use HHN to market there releases Edit: OK as above so below could possibly work out. Interesting trailer.
  8. [spoilerS] for walking dead season 5 A casting call for WD S5 was done and was leaked that the group and idk who exactly is a part of that group; escapes Terminus and decides to all head for Washington DC. So I can imagine season 5 is mostly their struggle getting to DC not stuck in Terminus.
  9. https://soundcloud.com/figure/figure-otis-original-mix?in=figure/sets/monsters3 figure's sound cloud page. i assume he will use his monsters vol 3 album this link was my favorite song by him it features otis driftwood from rob zombies films https://soundcloud.com/figure/sets/monsters3 this is the main album page for monsters vol 3 by figure
  10. Oh OK sorry I'm tired and should probably be asleep lol
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