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  1. or near the end of this is the end when Craig Robinson says "Welcome to heaven mutha fukas" lol
  2. I was just streaming from my iPhone. I think I remember you now ^.^
  3. I've been streaming a bunch of videos on periscope. Has anyone been watching my stuff? How was the quality?
  4. Just a reminder to those not able to to attend the event tonight, I will be live streaming on periscope and posting a bunch in Instagram throughout the night. (IG/Periscope: RandomHHNGuy)
  5. A quick update for tonight's live stream. I'm not to sure how well the connection is going to be on the lower lot but I will try my hardest to stream it, if not I will just post videos on instagram. Also if you want notifications every time I'm streaming there's an option next to the follow button on periscope once you follow me. Let's have some fun
  6. Does anyone know if universal has a parking pass? I have the 12 night pass and to be paying parking every night I go is going to kill my wallet
  7. If I were stream opening night on periscope how many of you would watch?
  8. Random but has anyone watched the Ash Vs. Evil Dead?? Because it looks amazing and I can totally see it coming to HHN
  9. Sweet! Thanks for that!! Just watched the trailer and it looks pretty good! Can't wait
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