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  1. Aw that's too bad... Great review, glad you enjoyed it out there!
  2. Went through Havoc yesterday by myself. It was very fun even though it was still light outside.
  3. I appreciate you acknowledging the misunderstanding. I have actually been a member for as long as you have (and since the vault days as well), I just don't use the email anymore that my original name was on and I forgot my password/username combo... Oh well...
  4. I hope Ricky got a picture with Doc... That inside the magic review (I'm assuming this one is the one you're referencing, http://www.insidethemagic.net/2012/09/halloween-horror-nights-2012-house-by-house-review-and-tips-as-universal-orlando-originality-wins-over-featured-franchises/) mentions trick or treaters when talking about THE TRADITIONALS. I understand it's an honest mistake for you to make, but headings mean everything. Now, if we want to keep the trend of using inside the magic as evidence, here is a video they posted on October 23rd titled, "New street characters in Halloween Horror Nights 2012" which was added to YouTube on October 23rd. If you care to watch the video, you'll see that "Trick-or-Treaters and Zombies" were added to the event. Well then.
  5. If you're talking about "walkers", yes, they were at the event the entire time However, the "zombies" (faster paced) and trick or treaters were added halfway through as he said
  6. Just wanted to say, from a fellow scareactor this year... Great avatar, love balance!
  7. Are dress rehearsal and employee preview two different things?
  8. What is the speculation of exactly where this house will be in the park?
  9. Shouldn't be crowded at all! Plus, sometimes it's been known to be a pretty energetic night seeing as it's one away from the last night! Last year, the last nights were where I felt like I scared the most haha
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