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  1. Well, at least it's official. I must say I'm quite disappointed that it's the first maze announcement when the majority of us already knew. Now just waiting for the second maze announcement in hopes that it is better than Evil Dead.
  2. Wha? I seriously doubt one question I asked made him think ill of these forums. And Yes! Tonight's the night. I'm really excited! I know you all are as well!
  3. In further news, on the Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood facebook page: "The horror begins soon and there are only a few ways to save yourself..... The first maze we’ll reveal will be featured at both Halloween Horror Nights - Hollywood and Universal's Halloween Horror Nights - Orlando! You will know more very soon……" Yup. Now there is no doubt in my mind it's Evil Dead.
  4. Yes, I do know that. But it's definitely in the same boat, what with demonic possession and the reason I said legions of darkness was because I was trying to keep it separate from what I mentioned about zombies. With that said, thank you for telling me about it being official with the start date and everything. Alright, so Evil Dead is coming. I hope it isn't the first maze announcement. A lot.
  5. Maybe ot, but Ah, StraightEdge, I see you also want Jeepers Creepers to come to HHN. Yeah, I'm kind of big on that movie myself.
  6. I would definitely be down for an Insidious maze. That movie was trippy. 0.0
  7. You know, I've seen the second one, and... well, it's just that I'm kind of tired of having the legions of darkness and the undead have their own maze out of like 5 or 6 mazes when there's potential for so much better. This is just my humble opinion, But then again, I'm a Jack fan. I know, I know, I'm one of those.
  8. Well okay, how sure are all of us collectively that Evil Dead is coming to HHN? I heard some mini-arguments against it recently and am kinda confused. I would love to believe it starts Sept. 20th though.
  9. Ergh, this might be a silly question, and if so I apologize, do you think Murdy will let us know the date of opening night along with the announcement of the maze?
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