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  1. If I have the first time slot to audition today how long can I expect to be there?
  2. Does anyone have a favorite location? Do you like working in the mazes, TT, or scarezones?
  3. I know the maze and TT will both be new experiences and as much as I love TWD, I would have preferred a different theme for the TT. If we get Alice Cooper, then it'll kinda be like last year. Sorry guys, I'm a bit bummed by the news.
  4. Sorry guys, I kind of have to agree on this one. I'm not a huge fan of Alien or Resident Evil either, I just don't find it scary. How about Dead Space and F.E.A.R. as video game based mazes? There's no way it's happening this year though. Lol
  5. I have an appointment Sunday at 4:45 but I'm not so sure I'll be able to do it anymore because I already have a job. It would be easy for me to go to one shift to the other though, because I work at CityWalk. Hmmm... I'm super excited!
  6. I have to say, I'm kind of disappointed too. No offense to the creators, but I expected to be blown away. Needless to say, I chose Dracula's Bride. I thought she was the scariest looking one. As for the Invisible Man, I'm not too sure why it's winning. I don't find that scary.
  7. Would it matter? Is there a certain amount of people they pick each day? So would it better to go earlier so you can get a slot or what?
  8. Question: Should I go on Saturday at 8:45 Or Sunday at 4:15? Does it matter?
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