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  1. Any chance of LT stuff being for sale down there? I wanted a hat, but didn't want to pay shipping when I'll be down there in like 2 days.
  2. The fact that the Resident Evil ticket cards look like they have the title font for the games and not the movies makes me hopeful.
  3. Cool looking idea, really like the 3D houses typically. That's a mouthful of a name, though...
  4. I got an email clue earlier today, it says "I now have information others do not". Now, I haven't participated at this level before, do I share this information? It doesn't have instructions not to, but I don't want to screw myself of further clues. Plus, the clue makes no sense to me
  5. I have a feeling this will be scenes from the show acting as "scarezones" with little areas for survivors and walkers, then have roving bands of walkers that come through the zone like an attack. It would make sense, and could be pretty cool, if done well, but that's a big assumption to make after last years TWD, in my opinion. Hopefully there will be some other scares to be had outside the houses.
  6. Anyone know if they're considering Rush of Fear as a "Frequent Fear" pass for LT? It's in the same category on the tickets page, and I'm going the first weekend, so it would certainly be the better deal, unless it blocks access to the game. (Of course that's moot if nothing goes on that weekend, but assumptions can be made that at least something should happen)
  7. Any word on restocks? Did they even have the Baccanoid hat yet? I forget to check here for a couple days and I saw nothing under the Baccanoid page when I got back!
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