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  1. What Music did you guys request for this zone?
  2. Yup and I know Trevler too. I got hip to the site when showed me a funny banner with my character on it
  3. Yes indeed I will have a saw. I have had one for a while now
  4. oops my bad im a noob when it comes to posting. been a fan of the site for a while just never joined.
  5. you mean to tell us you knew since june and you didnt share with us? But this is my favorite time of year the end of speculations cause it means HHN is around the corner. Its like the end of a nice little party
  6. You mean to tell us you knew everything since June and you didnt tell us!
  7. The Ring Master never dies only the actor that portrays him
  8. Havoc hasnt worked HHN since 2010. HHN need celebs since Knotts has like 100 of em
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