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  1. Wishful thinking but I would love to see Return of the Living Dead make an appearance in some shape or form at the event. It's got lots of potential for both a house or zone. Lots of memorable characters and moments. Would also love to see them tackle The Thing on a bigger scale. They've been doing good by these classic movies and I would love to see the current team's take on this one.
  2. Forgive me if this isn't the appropriate place to post these, but HHNVault is tweeting again.
  3. Welp, I guess Mr. Nice Guy was right! Kudos to you man! As for the commercial, love it! Best commercial in a few years!
  4. https://twitter.com/OrlandoInformer/status/639211038668386304 Very interested to see a whole store of just HHN stuff.
  5. Don't wanna go off topic but an Iron Maiden House or Scarezone would be pretty cool. Would love to see how A&D would pull it off.
  6. Taking this with a grain of salt. You are the one who said Scream didn't get scrapped and was coming in the form of the TV show and that RHPS was returning for another year.
  7. Here are full versions of the concept art for the Containment piece and Scarecrow looking thing (Don't know if it has a proper name).
  8. Yeah, I'm excited to see what they do with it.
  9. Quick question regarding the Alice in Wonderland 3D house: Where exactly will the facade be located (If it even has one)?
  10. Haha. Thanks! I bought the mask last year and some friends and I did a Purge PSA for video production class. Needless to say, ours stood out from the rest of the videos.
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