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  1. It was hard to get photos of the interior but 25 and 24 were completely empty the day I took that photo. To my knowledge they are pretty much vacant until they go under when Universal Creative begins to shift their focus to the Lower-Lot after Potter.
  2. In regards to this photo it's Larry Bones. Some people in our group called out to him as he was stepping out of the SS and he was kind enough to wave back. His company is contracted through the Theme Park as well (aside from HHN). What threw me off was the industrial dumpster next to the entrance (which is usually attributed to maze construction). There was another near JP's extended queue and another closer to the former Stage 28 plot. Sorry for any confusion, could have very well been for the normal Theme Park.
  3. Sup dudes! Haven't been able to post in awhile but figured this was worth mentioning. Noticed Larry Bones going in and out of the former CSI sound stages. One of the industrial dumpsters where they keep all the wood material was located right outside the SS entrance (there was another closer to the Jurassic extended queue). I'll be back in the park in a few days to get some proper footage.
  4. Looks pretty much the same as the Wolf photo from Google Murdy shared at ScareLA. Pretty surprised at how great it looked. The hype from Orlando's audience was pretty damn high so I was a little doubtful it would live up to it. But I've put the worries to rest for the most part.
  5. I have not seen Orlando's Wolves in Person but going off of last night's observations and comparing that to the photos from Orlando... we have a far more terrifying and photo-accurate Wolf.
  6. This maze was interesting. It's the third time being at the event so a lot of people are in a way "over it" myself included. Is it a bad Maze? No. But I just don't find zombies scary anymore. That and it was already crowed in the Maze so a lot of the gags and scares were pretty much ruined for me. That being said the sets are what you would expect, very top quality. The Cell Block C Facade is back but now more damaged from the Governor's attack on the prison. The Prison Cell is back almost exactly the same as last year. The Big Spot facade was cool, The Tunnel with all the walkers was especially neat. Lots of cool scare tactics they have incorporated into this maze. (they were ruined for me but if you go in early you'll probably get caught off guard) Again it wasn't a bad Maze, it's the top quality you'd come to expect from TWD attractions but my lack of interest and the crowd problem really I don't know how to say it... it just didn't do anything for me. Hit this one first, I sure will this friday.
  7. Hello everyone! Have not been here for some time, too busy with College stuff. (I know yuck) I was lucky enough again to be able to attend Employee Preview Night so here is my Review (not final more like a first impression) for AVP. The Hype for this one was really high for me... being a huge Alien fan and all. It was the third Maze I went into, I figured the scareactors would get into their grove by then. Did it live up to the hype? In a sense, yes. I really only cared about seeing the Aliens and that's what I got but there was a certain lack of Predator in this house. (at least when I went through) The Sets were awesome (Most of it taking place in a suburban area) but the true spectacle was easily the Yautja Scout Ship, which is the very beginning. It was pretty claustrophobic and that Alien gets pretty close to you. I do want to point out that it reminded me a lot of the Nostromo which I freaking loved. The Aliens for the most part were utilized like how they pulled off The Thing but there were some puppets in there. I didn't mind it becuase well the Aliens looked like they were ripped straight out of the films. The Predators looked awesome as well, yes there is a mask-less Predator and yes it looks exactly how it would in the film. For the really hardcore predator fans it seems there was no Wolf to be seen anywhere, it was mostly Scar from the first film. The laser sight is in the Maze and seeing that and hearing the iconic clicking sound really just put me on edge, nice job Murdy. I did notice some empty spaces that I noticed where I felt there should have been some type of scare there. This was just technical rehearsal so maybe not all the effects were on and not all the Predators and Aliens were in. all-in-all as a huge Alien fan this Maze was not only terrifying for me but it was the most visually impressive Maze of the night. The Finale scene alone is worth the price of admission. So for me it lived up to the hype but I can see people who really wanted to see more Predator maybe not enjoy this maze as much as I did. I'll be interested to see how the final product compares from what I experienced tonight.
  8. Bill and Ted confirmed not to be returning. Which most likely means no shows. It's going to be a warzone trying to get into the Mazes this year.
  9. As expected. The Facade setup didn't look anything like Silent Hill and Evil Dead.
  10. Warner Bros. and J.K Rowling would never allow Harry Potter locations to be themed to something else. I've never seen an English village with the architecture like Hogsmead. They would need to cover up Three Broomsticks, all the wanted posters, the store fronts... yea no.
  11. We will have the superior Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hogsmead. That isn't speculation, it's fact. Excluding Dragon challenge we actually have a bigger foot print than Island's WW. A lot of improvements coming to not only Hogsmead village but Forbidden Journey. (Not surprising either since ours is coming six years after the Original.) as for a scarezone in there... yea, no. That's just ridiculous.
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