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  1. And here we where lighting our torches and sharpening the pitchforks but then you say you are kidding.
  2. Tonight's beverage. Smooth, have to let it warm a little out of the fridge. The apricot flavoring is subtle.
  3. Maple Bacon beer? I think I am in love.
  4. My latest brew. Served at room temperature, it has one heck of a kick but still is very smooth.
  5. My brother did the tour the same week on Sunday and they put a lot of effort into telling us about all the "special" features of the street experience. Which to us sounded like they where really trying to upsell it.
  6. Judging by the beers you've posted you would probably find it to be pretty wretched.
  7. Shook things up last weekend and had a couple Rickard's Blonde. Which is a German Pilsener style beer.
  8. I'd like that idea. I would probably pay for it too, so there would be a limit to the number of people participating. They could even turn it into a tailored VIP experience.
  9. To add to this remember the survey they sent out after last year and the questions about making HHN more appealing to children.
  10. Different by a day. That's why everyone thinks it's this years dates.
  11. I live in Quebec, Canada and have taken a liking to Quebec microbrewery beers. And there are a lot of them. Here's my latest beverage for la belle province.
  12. This winter just keeps going and make my October HHN trip just seem that much farther away. Hopefully the snow will start melting at least.
  13. I love this idea. There is so much they could do with it. Heck if implemented in a certain fashion they could probably change it week to week and make it even creepier.
  14. A Ghostbusters house would be epic. There is so much they could do with it.
  15. Even if it was two parks, wouldn't keeping the Express open create one heck of a choke point? Plus given the amount of alcohol consumed at HHN, I don't know if you would want that many drunks on it.
  16. I don't think it has enough brand name recognition for them to use it as an IP house.
  17. I think this needs to be a house. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2784512/
  18. Universal dropping the Walking Dead largely depends on whether or not they buy AMC imo.
  19. Lots of people still go through Twister though. And Disaster is rumored to be getting the axe for a Kong ride.
  20. I don't see them getting rid of Terminator with a new movie rumored with Arnie in it and Cameron writing it. I've even seen a rumor or two that it is going to be refreshed.
  21. Since both will be big cash cows for UO for 2014, I imagine they have this worked out already. That they will tease us with cryptic clues that will be instantly decoded but they won't acknowledge until the last possible moment.
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