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  1. But then this has my brain asking, 'did Murdy just toss a generic answer out as a way to deter people from continuously asking?' or is it one of his answers where he truly isn't working on Springfield ... outside of HHN. I don't know. Put me on that fuck this clue list someone had going a few pages back. All I can think about is last year when the answers turned out to be right in our face the whole time.
  2. King beat me to it (sorry, been scrubbing makeup brushes and tossing out blood soaked baby wipes since Monday), that's what I saw, honestly it was the look on Kings face when the two SAs yelled TTT at her as I was walking maybe 10 feet ahead/towards her when it happened. Apparently something else went down in mask a raid, I don't have full details, I only caught the tail end, hence why I didn't tell the story yet.
  3. It's not gonna happen, they've already done two Hispanic legends and both kinda flopped IMO. While it might appeal to the demogrhic of LA, I just don't see it happening. And as far as I'm concerned with 2015, Trick r Treat better be in there, and dear god, NO MORE WALKING DEAD! Bring TT back to it's old days of awesome with one single "storyline" that tied a bunch of themes/characters at the event together (I.e. Scream/Stab, Chucky, back in 07 with The Director).
  4. This is also one of the highlights of my night, I'll go on my break and since we don't have our auctioneer anymore, it's now become a place I literally stay for my whole break. As of right now, standing in line for TWD, it feels bittersweet that tonight is it, crazy to think three months ago people were finding out about casting, mazes were released, etc etc and also, driving to preview night on September 16 at 215pm: 112 degrees out, driving to my final night of HHN tonight, Nov 2 at 3:00pm: 67 degrees, HUGE difference. I'll be wondering the park all night and hanging around for final TT and Chaseout. Good luck to everyone going tonight, congrats to those who survived, let's bring on 2015!
  5. I'm just saying ... THE THING made my day/night/whatever. Also, allow me to get while I sit in the parking lot one last time before going to scare base, congrats to everyone for making it through, Sticking with it, giving it 150% even when you wanted to call out, and most of all, thanks for always being such awesome and hilarious entertainment for me (and many others) while on break and watching everyone work. Good luck tonight everyone, I'll be there enjoying it just as much as preview night.
  6. Some friends and I were talking about this while on break last night and walking through The Purge SZ (and how awfully dead it felt), IF they put an age restriction on the event, which they should, to make it "fair" because you know people will complain "well my child handles scary stuff blah blah blah", I suggested okay, fine, card every single human being that enters the event, those who are 17+ are good to go, those who are under 17 will get an X marked on their hand and allowed to ONLY go through 2-3 mazes that are "age appropriate" so basically, what HHN has now, nothing like *honks horn* boring, and that is it, that's completely fair, worth the ticket price, and less issues, and IF you're under 17, you must have an adult with you. Regardless if you're a "mature 14 year old" or not, you can thanks those little Tweens and their moms for ruining this event for you and that's all there is to it.
  7. Usually only the final two weekends do, the first 4 didn't until about an hour or so into the event from what I heard, and past working experiences, last year and the year before, the final two weekends usually sell out as quickly as the first with the final Sunday being a bit of a toss up as most of the time it's post halloween and just the die hard HHN fans going for a final farewell.
  8. I'm there every night working and just spend my breaks wondering the park taking photos and video and going through mazes. As for tonight, it's so BORING without the barker, I knew it would be, there's a sad, quiet fog looming over The Purge SZ tonight, my breaks have been so boring. Ugh. So it goes I guess. /end rant on this topic for me.
  9. It was! I asked last weekend and he fessed. I wish I'd gotten it on tape. Good luck to everyone and just wanted to say how insane the ride has been watching everyone through auditions, scare academy, the event and now we're in the home stretch, I've enjoyed meeting those of you I've gotten to so far on the nights I've been working and hopefully I'll be meeting the rest of you before next Sunday. HANG IN THERE GUYS, and keep killing them!
  10. *head wall* doh! That's right, I mean, duh! Honestly, this may be the last year I attend let alone work HHN if things like this keep happening, a very good friend of mine was one if the purge barkers and tonight just isn't the same without her. HHN come on! Grow some balls bad speak up for your employees, there's signage posted EVERYWHERE I just don't get how this crap holds up.
  11. My FAVORITE part of seeing this all over the news this morning was the part where one the the little twerps said "a lot of people from our school were there and heard it and I'm scared they'll spread rumors" or something to that affect, to which I yelled "WHY DID YOU BRING IT TO THE MEDIA!?" Idiots. I was there and in that crowd of people when the event happened, good lord, her and her little friends hear worse watching Teen Mom I'm sure.
  12. I just look at her review as her complaining because 1) she either went to park management age they shrugged it off but humored her with a complaint form, or 2) no one will help her through this terrible time in real life so she's gotta let the inter webs know via every social outlet possible! Someone needs a banner and block of cheese to go with that whine.
  13. Uh oh ... On the note of last night, there was something in the water because man, EVERY half an hour (it sure felt like that often at least) someone was getting hurt/passing out/getting in trouble/switching spots/needing medics, it was just ... a crazy, weird one, even the crowd were a little weird.
  14. Better than embarrassing yourself like I did last Sunday when I thought I saw you in riot gear Zach and got a roaring "ZACHS NOT HOME!" from another SA, which made me laugh.
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