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  1. Do you have any other radio spots aside from the XX one?

  2. JDW

    Jeramy's Schtuff

    So COVID did a number oon me. Twice now. But I'm still alive. I'm slowly starting the show back up. I'm also posting my original music on youtube: and Spotify now as well : I plan to add a lot soon. Most of my art (suclptures, paintings, ect.) are on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jwfearman/ I recently have done several comissions and have three more to go. But man, This COVID aint no joke. https://www.facebook.com/scratchings/posts/3844450782246402 anyway hope you horror freaks are all doing well and had a great holiday season.
  3. JDW

    Jeramy's Schtuff

    Here is the latest episode. Due to a publishing glitch, it went out early. I always try and keep growing in my story telling. It is very much a labour of love but, it is always nice when I feel everything turns out right. I'm very pleased with this one. Not as pleased as I am with my talented little actress of course. I am so happy she is willing to do this crazy thing with her Dad. Let me know what you think!
  4. JDW

    Jeramy's Schtuff

    I also have been doing a 5-min sketch on one of those digital tablet do hickies every day. You can see them on twitter: https://twitter.com/JWFearman or in instagram name JWFEARMAN
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