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  1. Classic Murdy, you may think Insidious is coming to the event, but really this announcement was just to throw everybody off. Youre all gonna feel so stupid on opening night when you go to the JP queue only to find that this maze is not Insidious, but in fact It, looking forward to seeing the REAL facade and not this fake facade they currently have up just to throw you off even more.
  2. So this Saw maze, is it supposed to be Saw Legacy or a "best of" like '09 and '10?
  3. I wouldn't look too much into that, it looks like it's just not updated yet http://m.halloweenhorrornights.com/hollywood/event/overview
  4. HAHAHAHAHA I cant stop laughing at this, the fact that its 3D makes it so much worse, good luck guys, you lost a seventh maze and got this XD
  5. Here is a list of possible albums he is referring to. All albums were released andare on the Rolling Stones Top 500 Albums and no artist is from America but has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame The Rolling Stones, Between the Buttons Pink Floyd, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn Cream, Disraeli Gears The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Are You Experienced The Beatles, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  6. ferox, why is it that you were such an active part of speculation for the past two years (and even earlier this year), but now you've become so "anti-speculation"? if you have a problem with it, go bitch somewhere else. also, isnt Dark Christmas a possibility for a maze? I would die if they do it right
  7. short list includes 13 properties including movies, tv shows, musicians, and "out there" ideas, let the speculation begin
  8. Just curious, I know Hollywood was selling AWIL and CITW last year, what movies was Orlando selling in 2013? (Im assuming AWIL CITW & ED)
  9. I know that feeling. I was at Canada's Wonderland a few weeks ago. I was on Leviathan and the ride op threw on a Party City mask and started going on about how KSF is better than everything at CW, I'm fucking sick of it
  10. ...and he told us the lineup because his dad wouldnt let him get high with his girlfriend.
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