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  1. 1. American Horror Story (been waiting for years- I know its unannounced) 2. Krampus (favorite horror movie of last year) 3. The Exorcist (it's about time we got this house) 4. Tomb of the Ancients 5. Halloween 2 6. Ghost Town 7. Texas Chainsaw Masscare 8. Lunatic's Asylum 9. The Walking Dead
  2. An Urban Legends house based on modern urban legends would be cool.
  3. A time travel house? NOT Ip based but that could be cool.
  4. Agreed. The show has a good amount of things from each season to support a "best of house" I said somewhere last year in wishful thinking that a Murder House house traveling through the different decades of the house would be awesome. Hotel could work as well. I just hope one day something happens with the property, it's getting a huge cult following.
  5. It stinks it apparently got scrapped in 2013. A boy can dream.. Well, for my WISHFUL thinking, I want- Scream Queens American Horror Story ^ Those two will probably never happen (stupid Fox) The Final Girls (hilarious, good scenes, very touching) The Conjuring (could be good if done right) The It Follows soundtrack to be played again somewhere in the park. NO MORE WALKING DEAD!!!!! But I feel like the Usher will be involved somehow next year. Did anyone else see the picture of what was written on the booth window? It was somewhere on either Instagram or twitter, but it looked like it said "SEE YOU 26" or something along those lines.
  6. Post-HHN sadness :( #sadjacksmaniacs

  7. Based on what my tour guide said, the long space at the end of the house leading out was to trick people going through who thought after they left the ss that the house would be over. That way the two chainsaws would surprise guests more.
  8. I made that mistake in this house. I couldn't find my way through the moors scene even though I knew this house like the back of my hand.
  9. Houses 1. Body Collectors: Recollections 2. FvJ/M&M 3. Insidious 4. Purge 5. Asylum In Wonderland 3D 6. Run: Blood Sweat & Fears 7. AWiL 8. TWD Scarezones 1. Psychoscarepy: Unleashed 2. HHN: Icons 3. All Night Die In 4. Evil's Roots 5. Scary Tales: Screampunk
  10. Can't believe it's the last night of HHN 25. Hope all the scare actors have a great and safe final night. #sadjacksmaniacs
  11. In Giggles and Gore, the Top Hat clown was walking back behind the facade, and he saw me and tried to scare me. When we got to his room, I yelled "YOU'RE MY FAVORITE!" and he waved at me and gave me a thumbs up. It put me in such a great mood for the rest of the night. In 25 years, the mirror Jack recognized and waved at me which I thought was great! I love when scareactors recognize me, it's such a good feeling. Also, in 2012, pretty much the entire group of chainsaw ladies ganged up on me at once and it was pretty hilarious.
  12. Great show! I loved the little HHN inside jokes and the kills. Chance is awesome.
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