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  1. I'd day Cabin had the best scares for 2013. For me anyways.
  2. Shout out to all the scareactors this year for making another great year! Also Cabin cast A. We walked through (I work in Resident Evil) during our break we went through with cloaks on and the fun interaction we had with you guys are AMAZING!
  3. Everyone in cast A of Cabin. We were the first to walk through tonight and I had so much fun. Definitely my favorite house this year.
  4. Tonight 1/17 cast A AWIL in the bus (around 6:00) I've been through the house a couple times and tonight, WOW I thought your were going to jump out the window. You scared the S*** out of the people in front of me.
  5. Definitly 100% wrong! I work in that house and nobody has ever mentioned that. Just like strangeoneout said. We get people doing that all the time and we just ignore them.
  6. 1. American Warewolf in London 2. Cabin in the Woods 3. Evil Dead 4. Havoc Derailed 5. La Llorona 6. Afterlife 7. Resident Evil 8. Walking Dead
  7. Better late then never, got an e-mail that I was cast! Year number two
  8. 2006, only did one house that year. But I was hooked!
  9. It all depends. 2011 I auditioned open call. I had fully availability and they did not cast me. Last year I requested 4 Sundays off and was cast. This year I again had full availability and was not cast.
  10. Since prison bars are the hot topic for construction right now. Look familiar? It's at 6:50
  11. 2013 Wishful Thinking ... The question comes up every year USF or IOA, personally id like the event to be kept at USF. Do away with the street experience No magic shows A sequal to the Alice Cooper house, even though most people would disagree. No Walking Dead Use the arch video screen 8 houses Better website
  12. Even though it's now the 26th Merry Christmas AC fans ...
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