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  1. AWIL was awesome! I was honestly in aww going through it. Will post an event review sometime soon.
  2. Has anyone bothered asking Murdy about Annabelle not just the conjuring? He did say one of the mazes is a movie being released this year didn't he? This is prolly the loop hole to avoid all the Conjuring questions and he technically would be doing the Conjuring but focusing on Annabelle for creative reasons...? Just a thought.
  3. I'd say it's 70/30 in the conjuring's favor, but I'm not sure if we've written either or in stone yet.
  4. I met a kid in highschool once who his father was some sort of higher up at Universal. Apperrently he would get front of the line passes to HHN for him and his friends for whenever he wanted but, he would get bored of going so he only went a few times a year. Not sure if that counts lol. And I know I shoulda became friends with the kid but I hardly saw him lol. He was my friends "friend" at the time and he told me he went with him a few times, but I had a frequent fear pass so I didn't feel the need to go out of my way to get to know the guy lol. Also to add, I've had the multi night pass before and went about 6 times last year. Believe it or not it starts to get repetitive after awhile. After the 3rd time it sorta lost it's awesomeness. You learn where all the scares are in each maze and you sorta just go to embrace the sets. I say going 3 times a year would be the right amount of satisfaction.
  5. Alright I'll try to explain as much as possible. We have a Front of the Line pass out here which is similar to the express in Orlando, except you only get to you use the pass on each maze, rides, and terror team once each. So take that into consideration. Not sure how much the pass will cost either it's usually around 110-130$ depending on the night you attend. When you buy the pass it includes admission to HHN. If you want unlimited access to front of the line for every maze and attraction, you'll have to buy a VIP pass which is pretty pricey. Now the park is divided into 2 sections. The upper lot and the lower lot. This year we will have 2 mazes and the terror tram on the upper lot. There will be 2 mazes on the lower lot as well as a tram that takes you out into the back lot which will have 3 mazes back there. So when you get there head all the way to the lower lot. Then look for signs that'll direct you to the tram the takes you into the back lot. Do the 3 mazes there and work your way back. I also recommend that you do the early access (assuming they'll have it this year). They'll give you the option to enter the park about half an hour early to either head all the way down to the back lot or the terror tram. (Note you won't be able to see the opening scaramonies if you decide to do this.) If you do decide to do this go to the back lot NOT the terror tram. Also to do the early access, it'll be off to the side of the main gate, they'll have signs and people directing you for it. Last year I bought a frequent fear pass and went about 6 times and on some nights I was able to do every maze twice. With a good execution plan and a little bit of hustle, lol it's all possible in one night. Hope this helped let me know if you want me to clear anything else up. I'm sure anyone on here would be more then glad to help. As we get the announcement on everything and we approach opening night, we'll have some sort of execution plan lol.
  6. I attended last year on opening day Friday and it was packed :\, I believe it sold out. As for the Saturday I think people said the lines weren't as bad as that Friday. Just make sure to go all the way to the back lot first then work your way back. Seeing as you'll have two nights to attend, you should be able to see everything regardless of the crowds.
  7. There is no protocol for this franchise. It's the biggest horror franchise as of right now, so don't be shocked if we get some sort of walking dead experience next year either :\. As for the maze, last years maze was a huge let down for me from 2012. If they decide to have the prison and cell block C then that's fine, I just hope they fix the crowd control problem they had in there last year. Never had I stood in a maze for so long. That ruined the experience for me.
  8. I'm gonna take a guess and say the facade will probably be the Terminus building.
  9. Well Murdy just did a mini tweet-a-thon. The purge will be on New York street this year, along with the opening scaramonies, and go-go's. He said we as the guest may be auctioned off during the purge, indicating at who may be the speaker this year. Also something cool to mention is that Blumhouse has made some sort of a deal with Universal, so that means a lot of stuff coming from them in the future.
  10. You guys can't possibly be serious with Dracula being a maze! Judging the movie by the trailor it seems like more of a drama/action flick. Horror is the last thing that comes to mind from "Dracula Untold". I'm shocked that Orlando is actually speculated to have that as a maze. Seeing how Murdy has kept away from his beloved classic monsters because they aren't scary enough, I can't see this version of Dracula being at HHN anymore than the original.
  11. Unfortunately I didn't make the cut, but what an experience! I completely see what you guys mean by not holding anything back and I'll be much more prepared next time around. Just wanted to know is there still a chance to re audition later on in the season when they need to fill spots for pool, even though you had already auditioned?
  12. Just to be sure I don't need a resume or a headshot when I go correct?
  13. Okay guys I audition today and I'm a little nervous lol. I just want to know what exactly do they have you do for the audition so I can prepare myself for it. Will they just want you to act like walker? Or roam around a stage moving your body in awkward positions? Tell me please I need to know. I don't want to walk in there without having a clue about what to do. D:
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