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  1. This guy is so lovely that he already hides himself.. lol.. THIS BURDEN OF KNOWLEDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I kind of love you. A lot. "/

  3. 1993, I was only 9 years old and my parents didnt know it was more of an adult event. Addicted ever since.
  4. I have enjoyed shows that coincide with the theme of the year such as the COC or Arrival because it gets me more into the spirit of the event. I would be up for seeing another one of those this year. I feel like B&T and RHPS are just kinda thrown in there to keep the crowds at bay. Ive never really felt like they fit in with the event... To each his own.
  5. I think I've mentioned this before but Silent Hill would creep me the hell out!!
  6. Am I the only one who couldn't give a crap less what shows the have at the event? I watch B&T every year because either my husband wants to or a friend drags me there. I guess its because I only get to come for one or two nights and Id much rather another house and one less show.
  7. The chick in the red shirt in your containment pic got me SOO good on opening night and was my only SZ scare that whole night. If anyone knows her let her know she was awesome!
  8. Also, if you call and ask the V.I.P. office they can put you on their mailing list for when they have details and you can book the tour. I didnt post this on the vault because god knows I dont want everyone there in my tour but please, call and give them your e-mail address so we can get first pick
  9. I JUST got off the phone with the Guest Services dept. and they said that as of this morning they will officially be planning the UTH tour for this year. I called back and spoke to a different person and he ALSO confirmed that he was advised this morning that they will be having the tour this year. I just want to thank everyone else who has harrassed Guest Services like I know!! YAYYYYY UTH!!!!! I know that I'll be doing it Saturday Sept. 26th if the offer it (since I'll only be at the event the 25th and 26th) so if anyone wants to join me PLEASE let me know. Thanks
  10. I'm not sure if I follow the storyline of SAW connected to the three boys. It sounds more like a sewer theme to me. I could dig crazy sewer creatures. This update DEF. seems like Chucky to me. Dolls driving people insane? What else COULD it be?
  11. I also voted yes. If people want to take that very serious risk, knock yourselves out, but don't complain to us when you get caught. I would NEVER take the risk but I love seeing the pictures every year.
  12. Thanks! :o)

  13. awwww thats such a cute pic of you! :)

  14. I can totally see an Army of Darkness SZ. Also- isnt that the background of the picture that MZ was asked to take down?-
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