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  1. In addition to Techno Syndrome's Mortal Kombat theme, the Civil War segment also features the fatality themes from Mortal Kombat 3 (and it's Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 upgrade) and Mortal Kombat 1 (both themes are from the Arcade versions) which are composed by Dan "Toasty" Forden, and the Shao Kahn samples were voiced by Steve Ritchie.
  2. in regards to the Metal Detector checkpoints. i did hear that this year, there will be no security checkpoints in the archway since the sole checkpoints will be principal Parking Garage Hub checkpoint which have the X-ray scanners as well. Resort-wise, it will be a simple bag check and a Metal Detector wand search
  3. For me, the running joke with the enforcers was that upon seeing Duffy, the Enforcer on the right side would shout "Give me the damn bear!". But the real comical part was on the last week (which also happened to be the first time that Shellie May, who was new to the US at the time, got to experience a "crash course" introduction to HHN), and the enforcer reacted with "now there's two of them?"
  4. I will be at HHN tomorrow (10/16/15) As for this week's All Scareactor Target Bulletin. [Me] Stitch Hat HHN 24 Hoodie (a.k.a. "Those Who Arrive Survive" hoodie) Blue Jeans Hip Pack Blue Nike Sneakers Blue Underarmour Storm Backpack [Duffy] a black firefighter's coat with reflective stripes (which should be easy to spot at Asylum in Wonderland Blue Jeans Skechers shoes
  5. 10/9/15 Shoutouts [Jack Presents 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem] *Dracula's brides for targeting Duffy. *the Santa in the HR Bloodengutz room who saw my Nemo hat and Duffy who replied with "Naughty, Naughty". *One of the multiple Jacks who "attacked" duffy [American Werewolf in London] *The woman in the "See You Next Wednesday" room [Run: Blood Sweat and Fears] * The Right Enforcer in the first room who kept saying: "Give Me That Bear!" * The Blitzkrieg Brother in the upper runway who gave me a fist bump. [Chainsaw Clowns] *The clown in the wheelchair. [Icons] *Cindy *The Cryptkeeper who allowed both Duffy and I to take a selfie with him.
  6. I'll be attending tonight (10/2). October 2 All Scares Bulletin (for Scareactors) [Me] Figment hat HHN 25 Did You Miss Me Shirt HHN 25 Hoodie Black Cargo Trousers Blue Fingerless Gloves Blue Nike Sneakers Blue Underarmour Storm backpack [Duffy] Duffy will be dressed as Freddy Krueger (Red and Black striped sweater, safari hat from his safari outfit. Black trousers) Red, White, Blue hi-tops
  7. for Run, the Freshest Hits segment also has Still of the Night by Whitesnake and a snippet of a song by Heart.
  8. some shoutouts for 9/25 Icons: The Gluttony gal and the Voodoo practitioner who got Duffy and "attacked" him with their chainsaws and of course Lady Luck. Scary Tales Screampunk: the hunter guy (don't know if he's supposed to represent a hunter in Little Red Riding Hood or Gaston seeing as Beauty and the Beast is covered) who called me out by the Figment moniker. Run - Blood Sweat and Fears: One of the Canadian lumberjacks who said "wrong park" upon seeing my signature Mickey Mouse hat. and one of the Kabuki guys in the 2nd run in which he targeted Duffy. Clowns: The Wheelchair clown who wanted to make Duffy even with him, and another one in front of The Simpsons in which he told Duffy that "he's done and toast" (not sure if this alludes to the fact that they're getting rid of Duffy's meet and greet at Epcot). Freddy Vs. Jason: One of the Freddy characters who looked at Duffy and me and just waved his finger in disapproval. Psychoscareapy Unleashed: Everyone, including one who was dressed up as a ringmaster.
  9. for The Purge, i believe i might have heard Pantera's Death Rattle (from Reinventing the Steel)
  10. for the first two fridays this september (18, and 25). I will post more dates as soon as they're available. September 25 All Scares Bulletin (for Scareactors) [Me] Mickey Mouse Hat (new generation Sonic cap as an alternative) HHN 25 House Shirt HHN 25 Hoodie Khaki Cargo Trousers Black Fingerless Gloves Blue Nike Sneakers Blue Underarmour Storm backpack Optional Rain Item: Blue Poncho [Duffy] Black and Green wetsuit (which resembles the Runner's outfit from Run: Blood Sweat and Fears) Shredder Helmet (as Duffy's going to be dressed up as a Reaper for Run) Red White and Blue Hi-Top Sneakers.
  11. Here's my photo. As for opening night attire. [Me] 2007 Choose Thy Fear shirt HHN 25 Hoodie Blue Dreamcast VMU around my neck Green "Magical Tracking Band" (New this year) Black and Blue fingerless gloves (New this year) Khaki cargo pants Monochrome Black Chuck Taylors (New this year) Blue Underarmour Backpack Optional: If it rains, look for someone with a blue poncho [Duffy] 2013 "Not So Scary" Halloween Outfit Red White and Blue Hi-Top sneakers [Pal Mickey 3.0] Sorcerer's Apprentice Outfit. If you see me, feel free to call me out by the nickname "figment "
  12. Apologies for the late post, but here's my final shoutouts for this year from my final visit on Halloween Night. * Walking Dead - One of the walkers on Cast A who popped up in the vines section. * Roanoke - The Ceiling guy who tried to take a swipe at my sorcerer's hat * Face Off - From Cast A, the gypsy chick and the Asian pirate guy for targeting Duffy, as well as the scarecrow guy who put some straw on Duffy. In Cast B, the dead animal head wielders, namely one who noticed I had Pal Mickey with me. * Dusk Till Dawn - Chainsaw chick * Giggles and Gore - One particular clown who shows up in two adjacent scenes who "stabbed" Duffy. * RHPS - One of the female ushers who winked at Duffy and I. and that's it. One thing I forgot to mention was that in one previous week, I neglected to acknowledge the Purge's Cast for having Duffy win his first purge auction (he was dressed up as Bill from Bill and Ted, while wearing a luchador mask which was his "purge" mask, along with his TMNT katana and sai).
  13. I don't worry about the bowl since I often use Stay and Scream. Returning to the topic at hand, here's some shout-outs from yesterday (10/19) * At Face/off, the women in with the dead animals who targeted Duffy, along the colleague of Axe Girlfriend who has the bucket * One of the girls from Bayou of Blood who remembered Duffy when he was in purge mode a few weeks back and said that she liked him when he had his Nunchakus (which were part of his Purge setup). * At Roanoke, they were doing the cast change, and the judge from the penultimate room who noticed me (and my Nemo hat), Duffy, and Pal Mickey, and called me and my scareactor targets as "sinners". * At Dollhouse of the Damned, one of the last "baby dolls" who took a swipe at the Nemo hat, and the amputating doctor who spotted Duffy. * One of the usher characters at RHPS who noticed Duffy doing the time warp. * Everyone at The Purge who spotted Duffy and my Nemo hat..
  14. some acknowledgements from last Friday. - AvP's Cast A predators who gave me and Duffy the "Michael Myers head tilt" upon seeing Duffy, as well as the USCM soldier in the incubation sector (since he was added last week). - Face/Off's Gypsies who homed in on Duffy. - Bayou of Blood's Mamba (a.k.a. the Voodoo Queen) who recognized me and said I was at the "Land of Marvel" earlier that day. - Dr. Loomis at the end of Halloween who gave Duffy a stare (since he was dressed up as him). - One of the clowns in Giggles and Gore who spotted Duffy and tried to "attack" him. - Everyone at the purge including the chainsaw fox lady and the chainsaw wielding purger in the white mask.
  15. last beer I had? A Foster's over at Chez Alcatraz last night.
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