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  1. You know, I can't really recall any time I've gotten a good scare. Nothing usually gets me. There have been a few jumps when I've taken pictures only to find a scareactor snuck up behind me. My girlfriend, however, is a different story. She's scared getting out of the car. And my friend has been a scareactor for the past 10 years. He's good a few times a season with getting his whole crew to chase her. Even though she knows it's coming. Here's my girlfriend, my friend Sha-Ron (he was the kidnapper in the last Purge zone with the "Dog" mask) and get this - the female scareactor is "Rat Lady!"
  2. LMAO! That scene probably played out in the first rehearsal. And by then it was too late. "Maybe the public will like it..."
  3. Nice. And yes, that does rank right around # 1 worst ever. It was like severe trauma so bad it was purged from memory. Sounded good on paper, though.
  4. I thought the scenery made it badass, and the ambience. I'd take that nowadays in a heartbeat. I liked how the soundtrack that year was synced with the pumpkins to go out after they said Bloody Mary 3 times. Then slowly they came back on. Don't recall them syncing them before or since. Definitely not since.
  5. But it was pretty badass that year, eh??
  6. More bang for your buck, my friend.
  7. Yeah, but you've said you get those death threats every night you attend anyway. I wouldn't take it personal. Wait...it IS personal!
  8. Do you ever see a downward trend on the horizon? Maybe they price out too many people? I kind of do. But it's at least 5-6 years out. Part of me sort of hopes they do so then not only would a lot of people stop going, but then they'd have to lower prices. Loved going to HHN 18. Not only was it a great content year, but I think the least crowded year I can recall due to the recession.
  9. I miss when they were $17 for a Wednesday night. You don't work in UO Marketing by chance, do you? While I do see the logic in your statement and (while I still think it's expensive), I do see the value in the FFP, I don't think saying any theme park is ever justified in their pricing, works out in the end. That makes you their # 1 target audience member. You'll pay and thank them. But you could still keep the same logic but also hold them to a higher standard. That way they don't stay on the current road they're headed and start repeating houses every year while raking in more profit. It's possible the ticket hikes in the past couple years paid for Volcano Bay. PS: I'm truly not typing this trying to be a dick so please don't read it as such. I've been going for years. I pay each year. Bitch about it. But also have fun which is why I keep going. The event is just starting to reach true "Corporate" level. I don't want it to tip over.
  10. Amazing, just amazing. The sets were insane. Most of the time you were in a World War II type trench. Battle is going on around you. The Nightengales start appearing at the beginning but they're tame, look like people. But as you go deeper, they get more grotesque. Bodies start piling up. Just a great immersive original house. I know a large majority would love a sequel of some sort. I definitely would.
  11. Blasphemy!! Sad but true, though. My fave year. In all seriousness, my main issue the past few years have been the scarezones. They just don't have that Halloween feel to them anymore. You have rock music blasting now in one end of the park. But I'm local and the event is really the only time during the year that I go out after work multiple nights a week for over a month. Always nice to have something to look forward to during the week. I started doing photography there the past two years and it's a lot of fun to capture all the cool looking costumes.
  12. I don't know on this one. Sometimes if you expect shit, you either won't be let down, or it will be better than you thought. I've severely tempered my expectations the past few years. Basically since TWD started. Wasn't let down!
  13. I think the madness they're doing is naming the house Ash vs. Evil Dead but then discarding that altogether and using 1 & 2. WTF does that?? Give it another 2-3 years and we'll have: Purge 5 - brought to you by AT&T. Silent Hill 2 - presented by Intel. Beat me to it
  14. Here's an alternative theory (only my own) of the lack of HHN marketing: They already have a following and can rely on that. But, perhaps, marketing's main manpower right now is being focused on spinning the unmitigated disaster known as Volcano Bay. I live here. Talked to a few that went. In Uni's haste to scramble to compete for Disney's Avatar opening, they rushed everything. Construction is still going on. No onsite parking. Their version of the magic bands either don't always work or are flawed. I'm pretty sure they never ever held an honest to goodness soft-opening period. Look on Tripadvisor at the reviews. No bueno. So if you're Marketing, do you say "let's get in front of this mess and worry about HHN 2nd?" Could be...
  15. For the locals; anyone else notice there hasn't been (at least for now) a discount resident price for FFPs posted on the website? The only current resident offer I see is on hotel/ticket packages. Don't recall resident discounts not being listed by this time during the year. But...at the same time, the resident discount over the years has dwindled down into almost nothing. So not a real loss, either. I think the past two years with my FFP w/Express saved $10/ticket.
  16. My knee-jerk reaction to this one was for Traditionals. CP scarezone, maybe?
  17. Been going to Orlando since '04. We definitely have our share of morons. On the whole, considering the crowd sizes and the massive availability of alcohol seemingly every 10 feet, we do pretty well. But there's also a reason we have TSA type airport security to get in. Not sure if you've noticed in recent years, but if you have on long pants, they check your socks when coming in security. That's because some moron a few years back thought it a good idea to stash pepper spray in there and spray scareactors. Each year there's typical scareactor harassment from drunk fools along with the occasional fall down puking drunks. And yes, quite a few scareactors have been punched. There are usually a couple times a season a house temporarily closes due to someone puking inside. More times than not, it's in the vortex. And they do sell straight liquor shots at the bars. But there's more or less a zero tolerance policy when it comes to scareactors. If they feel violated in any way, they tell their stage manager and you'll be found and trespassed out. Goodbye expensive ticket and no returning. 5 years ago I was there with family and it was the first HHN my stepdaughter was at the event being 21. I went and bought her a drink, gave it to her. Literally within seconds an undercover officer appeared (looking like another guest), literally out of the woodwork, asking to see her I.D. Before then, I never considered that aspect of the security. More than a few years ago now, someone did actually die on the way home from the event in an alcohol related car accident. So I recall. And then HHN cut sales the next night. Then they realized how much money they lost from that and promptly turned the spigot back on the next night. I believe that was the only dry period. - I always found it odd that Orlando freely sells alcohol but is super strict on pictures in the houses. Hollywood is dry but is very amiable to allowing photography inside. Go figure.
  18. I'm usually in your camp with most of your comments. But it always makes me laugh how you love the campy stuff! Though I can deal with the annual "comedy" house they typically do, I'd much rather have hardcore serious stuff. Those were my thoughts exactly! Someone involved in the contracting or legal had to have been like "are you shitting me...again???" Oh well. I, too, have been following some of the IU posts. Incidentally: did Legacy bail on HNN to be fulltime IU? Anyway, along with alluding to possible "serious" vampire action, he left the cryptic comment of "remember, a vampire has to be invited in." Anyone have vampire movies that spring to mind from that? I first thought of Lost Boys. But then realized that wasn't exactly "serious" and the quote in the film was something along the lines of "never invite a vampire into your home, it renders them powerless." And it sounds like it will be original, anyawys. Visually, a Bram Stoker's Dracula house would be bad ass! Not happening, but maybe one day.
  19. I don't mind AHS and loved the house last year. And frankly, if it's between that and TWD, I'll take an AHS house any day. But yeah, the series shows are...interesting. I've noticed a trend where each season starts of great and then halfway though, they sort of go off the chain. I never watched Coven so I had been watching it this week on Netflix. 5-6 episodes in they do seem like they're shoving in any and everything. Watching the episodes play the intro music really gave me HHN flashbacks from last year. Making me wish it wasn't 5 months out 'till 27. But 5 is better than 6+.
  20. The Beast from Salem's Lot is still one of the creepiest looking vampires from film, I think. That movie was damn freaky. Whereas in the book, the main vampire was more of the typical variety that came out at night but spoke and had human qualities. Not this mofo.
  21. Supposedly on the Team Member portal they've put up dates: Sept 15th to Nov 4th with Monday and Tuesday, the 30th and 31st, being used. First Wednesday starting 10/4. 35 nights total. And who knows if they'll open other Monday and/or Tuesdays in the run.
  22. A Scientology house would be terrifying! Miscavige as the Icon. They'd probably go for it if it showed Leah Remini being killed in every scene.
  23. My friend worked Vamp55. He said they were plagued all season with call outs - and that's a factor that goes into the weekly and yearly voting. The zone was definitely the fan favorite.
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