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  1. Still waiting for The Collective to update....or for our Legions to contact us...

  2. Although it's is very very unlikely to happen, a maze based on Cabin in the Woods would be great.
  3. -When I wear my HHN hoodie almost every day that it's cold enough outside -Talking about Horror Unearthed so much to my family that even the mention of anything HHN related is banned from the house for a month -Watching walkthroughs & behind-the-scenes videos of HHNs past while eating breakfast on Christmas morning -Listening to neighbor's chainsaws outside & thinking about the Chainsaw Drill Team -Putting HHN keychains on the top of my christmas tree
  4. After HHN 22's IP-filled houses/marketing/etc, I'm hoping for some strong plotline & original charaters. I love the idea of a house based around the Traditionals. They've become so popular that I wouldn't be surprside if we do see them (or a version of them) somewhere in the event again this year.
  5. This was tied for my favorite scarezone of HHN 21. I loved the mixture of stilt walkers & scareactors in this zone, it really made me feel like there was something watching you from every angle. This zone was good duing the daylight but worked so much better when it got dark outside. A pair of owl scareactors did a great job of utilizing the plants during the dark by hiding in the bushes and jumping out at me from both sides!
  6. Definitely my favorite show this year. Yes, the tricks were generic and easy to figure out, but the actors made it very entertaining to watch. The guillotine finale was hilarious. Yes yes yes. I almost volunteered for the show because of this.
  7. Thanks Ande for posting the lagoon show times! I really enjoyed the Hitchcock one, got a great seat to watch it in back of Richter's.
  8. Thank you all so much for a great HHN 22! It was the first HHN for most of my group (my 2nd HHN) and you really made it a great one. 7-ish pm at the front of the park - Iniquitus, you guys were great! I loved it when one of you started Tebowing and that all of you were doing a great job of scaring & getting photos with people at the same time! 7:30-ish pm at Animal Actors - It was either a Beast or a Traditional with a similar mask (the face looked kinda human with a huge mouth). My sister tried saying hello to yet another scareactor who had ignored us and you came running over yelling "HIIIIII!", both scaring me and making me laugh (I think I might have said hello back or waved in joy or something). We were feeling rather let down that no one had tried to scare us yet and this helped turn things around for us. 8-ish pm at Men in Black - Chainsaw girls, you all rock!!! You have no fear of getting in peoples' personal space and rocked it, bwahahaha. Sometime between 11 pm & 12 am at Sting Alley - Crawling Warrior, you move fast!!! I had a blast watching you chase people. 12:30 am at Kid Zone - Traditionals, your legion was my group's highlight of the night! Shout-out to the fox mask guy who interacted with my fox hat (you were my favorite scareactor of the night) and tried to lick me, owl mask guy who pointed out that we both had fox things on, and the cat girl & older witch who played with my mom's Krusty the Clown toy. Pumpkinheads were on fire! 1:00 am near The Mummy ride - My first real scare of the night! Kudos to the warrior who snuck up on me while I was babbling away to my group . Throughout the night at Disaster - This was my mom's first HHN & she really enjoyed the walker guy who kept coming up to her and creeping her out by standing there and staring at her each time we went through! 1:30 am at Men in Black - My group loved you Traditionals so much that we had to find you again before leaving. Pumpkin head with the tan clothes & shaker can, you did an excellent job of scaring myself & some other members of my group! And we also had a great time again with the fox guy & the older witch. If it helps to figure out who I'm giving appreciation to, I was wearing my black & neon green skeleton shirt, HHN 2012 hoodie, and I had lots of green hair streaks. Also had an orange fox hat on when around the Traditionals.
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