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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Charles is in the park right now and has confirmed street brand new street construction that was not there yesterday in between Shrek and Jimmy Neutron. From what he can see, he thinks this areas will be the 'Esqueleto Muerte' Scarezone. Pics to follow soon.
  2. The seller took the listing down after I contacted him (wasn't my intention, just asked for clarification on the item). original message: Dear craig7878, Hello there, quick question about the authenticity of this item. Is this shirt altered in any way from its original for that you can notice from that shirt. If you can tell me anything you know about this shirt, please let me know because we've (horror nights fans) never seen this shirt anywhere before and believe it is altered from this original version: http://www.horrornightscollector.com/photos/2006/2006037.jpg Thanks: - Pete -- HorrorNightsCollector.com original reply: Dear batwing_2000, Hi - thanks for the note - I found this along with several other HHN shirts at a garage sale in Orlando this past Spring. I looked at the shirt and compared it to the others and the only difference I can see is that the tag on this shirt is a basic Gildan tag where the others all have Universal Studios tags. I've removed the listing since we can't verify that it's authentic. Thanks for your note and for alerting me that there may be a problem with it. Glenn - craig7878 contact the seller if you still want the item I guess, I'm sure it is a one of a kind. Probably not authentic but still looked funny.
  3. Yes you are right. The cookies with glass shards was indeed the Media Gift for 2005. The Glasses are the sales gift for 2005, these are given to advertisement partners like Hot Topic, Publix, and other store managers in charge of any store promoting Halloween Horror Nights advertisements and ticket sales. From all the Sales Gifts, the media glasses are the most common at this time. There are different color frames available and every single one is unique since they are all individually hand-made (blood splattered). http://www.horrornightscollector.com/2005.html
  4. the glasses are real and the ticket is real too. i can vouch for both these items and sellers in general. dont ask me about the shirt tough... never seen it before and I got my doubts about that one too until somebody I trust steps forward and gives a back history on the item.
  5. No quite the opposite in my opinion. Why pass up having people buy a separate day ticket on the same day they'll do HHN. If it were my place, I'd close it up at night so people buy a day ticket AND a night ticket.
  6. Hey they just released their first advertisemnt of HHN XX. Can't see anything hidded in the picture they used tough .
  7. eh.. Mythology... that was my guess last year since the word Classic returned 3 or 4 definitions about mythology. So I tought it was gonna be Medusa as the icon... I was wrong.
  8. That is there year round as part of the Jaws queue, it is not HHN related.
  9. We're not entirely sure. Dr. Raymond Holmes was with me when I took the pics and none of us could realy figure it out. Our best guess is that they all are concrete block stands to mount branches on to create small trees, who knows... IF they are for HHN and not for anything else.
  10. I got some pictures already from the 2 Sprung tent areas on May 28th. All the pics are from 'movement'... things that were not there 2 days earlier. It looked like they were still taking out an old house since on the 26th the dumpster was standing full of construction type material at the back tent... now it was empty. The biggest thing back there were the rock facades standing there (most definately out of the final Wolfman house scene) they were also NOT there 2 days earlier and the Spawning tank. Also a whole load of trees laying around. No idea what they are for but I assume if they would be waste, they'd get them in a dumpster immediately when they cut them down... they are there for a few days now so who knows.
  11. dont care much for the NLC characters but I will fight for Bloody Mary. She'll be there... she better be there!!!!!!
  12. Hearing all the reasons about why HP and the WWoHP will not be used, here's mine: If there's anything HP being done, it'll be done inside the WWoHP of course, I dont see anything being set up anywhere else since HP doesn't fit in with HHN to go out of the way like that to include it. Now, put yourself in Universal's shoes... you want money, so why open up a brand new ride and area that everybody will pay good money for to visit and give it away for free during another huge event happening that people are also paying good money for. Would be stupid to open something like that up during HHN and loose out on a load of $$ from people who would've gotten a seperate day ticket for WWoHP while on their HHN trip. Keep both of these thing totally apart and get double the $$.. seems pretty easy marketting decision to me, so thats why (even if IOA would be part of HHN) no WWoHP... just like HRRR.
  13. Just finished throwing together an image before any of you start looking for newly planted trees on Universal property. Not much, but its interesting. Enjoy and keep sending me your wildest tree speculation stories. Some of the stuff people told me are epic ideas in my opinion and who knows, those ideas might actualy become reality.
  14. They planted a tree just before October 28th, 2009 and we were too blind to see it. At least I never heard anybody who spotted it until now.
  15. 3rd tree spotted and its been there all along. Kudos to HHN Collective and anybody else who might've seen it before.
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