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  1. Great review and for the most part, in line with my experience. My daughter and I went this past Friday, the 26th. We had front of the line passes, which were an absolute necessity, but nothing would save us from the dreaded conga lines. We saw so many scares happen before we reached it, then had the unfortunate timing to be the reset period. We were also disappointed by the obscene amount of black walls in all the mazes. Also, regarding the scares, it seemed like they were all limited to one of three ways : 1. Popping through a doorway 2. Popping through a window 3. I'm a "statue" or some supposedly inanimate object - Now I'm not! which got old pretty quickly. Also it seemed that every character had some sort of prop "weapon" to attack with, and the scare was always a checked swing at your face. Overall, it was a "meh" experience - it probably didn't help that we had gone to Knott's Scary Farm the night before, where they totally knocked it out of the park!
  2. 10/26 JillValentine (+1) E I'm legal drinking age, but my kid isn't
  3. Thanks for the info , guys! I've decided we're going to forgo the RIP this year, and just make do with the passes. This is going to be a busy weekend for us - we fly down tomorrow night, hitting up HHN Friday night, Disneyland Saturday, then flying home Sunday. I was trying to decide what to do tomorrow night - Anyone have an idea how crowded Knott's will be? I wanted us to go to Creep LA, but I slacked and didn't get tix in time.. Now I'm looking at Zombie Joes Urban Death Tour of Terror. Any thoughts?
  4. Hello everyone! After a couple of years away, my mini me (she's 20 - not so mini anymore! Lol) and I are coming back to HHN for a night of thrills and chills! The last time we went, a few years back, I sprung for the VIP (the bonus tour was the Insidious scene on the backlot),. It seemed like a lot of money then, but I can't believe the prices now! Buuuut... my daughter is a HUGE Stranger Things fan, and since this is a special mom and daughter trip - Should I spring for the RIP? I'd really appreciate it if someone who does this year's RIP could post a review, or at least provide some details specifically around the ST experience and the buffet (great food can definitely be a dealmaker! lol). Thanks in advance!!!
  5. Thanks for posting your review! I'm looking forward to my first time VIP'ing it this coming Saturday. One thing you didn't mention - how was the food in the lounge?
  6. Not quite there's a reason to it. But read my spoiler or watch the movie if you want to know why. Omg. he was Andy Biersack???
  7. I'm guessing because all the Old Women will be in-your-face-distraction-scares? Meaning the fight or flight mechanism will be fully triggered! I'm looking forward to this maze more and more!
  8. Wasn't there a thread specifically for the VIP experience? I'm not finding it. Anywho... I'm stoked about this!: Horror Nights ‏@HorrorNights5 Sep You also get VIP guide & trolley to escort you to all the backlot experiences, Metro sets, Terror Tram and exclusive VIP backlot experience So, we not only get a separate trolley for the VIP, but for the backlot stuff and the terror tram too! Woot!
  9. Dammit! Typed an intro an accidentally closed the window... hate when that happens! Anyway, at risk of turning this into the 2014 spec thread, I'm gonna toss my 2 cents into the mix Take note gentlemen, because I'm calling right now.. (drum roll, please!).... Guillermo Del Toro's "THE STRAIN" http://screenrant.com/guillermo-del-toro-strain-novels-tv-series http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2654620/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Strain
  10. Love your ideas and I hope Murdy is listening (reading?), but I'm willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that El Cucuy makes an encore appearance next year, possibly more after that.
  11. I'd put JP at #8 with The Mummy - when we went, the queue for this was zero, we walked right on to a boat that we shared with only 2 other people.
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