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    I love HHN of course, going to the beach, hanging out with my friends, doing something on the spur of moment, and taking roadtrips.
  1. I only saw them in front of the sprung tents yesterday and it looked like the only thing in the trucks was just lots and lots of lumber, and a random dark purple box.
  2. Kittens mimic their mothers, and she hates baths, lesson learned.

  3. Justin Bieber since he was in Bill & Ted... such a horrible reason to remind me of my favorite event
  4. is drowning in all her A.P. classes, procrastination is a sure killer.

  5. Okay so thinking back to Shadows of the Past was there any type of latern in it? I mean if this lantern is such a big deal shouldn't it have made a little appearance seeing that Shadows of the Past was suppose to be a preview of this year?
  6. I love the look people give me when i admit that I'm absolutly addicted to HHN :)

  7. is feeling to urge to be terrifyingly scared.

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