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  1. anyone else think the lineup is weird this year? and doesn't that wrap up speculation?
  2. so what's next for the next 2 houses? American Horror Story and what else?
  3. Damn, we’re probably gonna have THREE TV Show properties at HHN this year. The Walking Dead, AHS & Stranger Things.
  4. And you were right my friend. Stranger Things is our first maze announcement of 2018.
  5. I feel like the announcement will be It... we will see if my prediction is right in a few hours.
  6. First maze announcement tomorrow guys. Confirmed by The official Universal Studios Hollywood Twitter page. We both posted the same news at the same exact time hahahaha
  7. Murdy just tweeted “Now I have to go back to reading scripts (yes, still doing that) and going through 30,000 images for a “something” you haven’t seen yet! #HorrorNeverSleeps” I HOPE he’s talking about the upcoming Predator film cause it hasn’t been released yet so it’s “something” ... no one has seen yet. I keep speculating on Predator coming this year cause I have a gut feeling It will be a maze this year due to the movie out this year plus it would be a dream and a big maze. Props can be reused from The AvP mazes.
  8. The Predator’s release date is once again pushed back from August to September 14. Isn’t that when Horror Nights opens this year? It might not mean anything but you never know.
  9. The Conjuring & Halloween is basically a guarantee this year. I think I remember direct messaging Murdy on Twitter like 2 months ago since we both follow each other. I asked for a Predator maze, ya know... Predator movie coming out like a month before Horror Nights opens this year. Bla, bla bla, could reuse a bunch of stuff from the AvP mazes. We all need a Predator maze... I just really want a solo Predator maze... and an Alien maze ... and a Scream maze... Just throwing out what I WANT then what I THINK will come this year... ... a Frankenstein Meets The Wolf-Man maze anyone?
  10. The Predator movies can’t really be considered horror films. They’re action films with barely any horror elements. The Nun will be the scariest movie this year. I’m hoping we get a solo Predator maze this year and a Conjuring maze this year to advertise the movies coming out this year.
  11. Damn, HHN 2017 is over But I’m really hoping for a standalone Predator maze. Next year a Predator film is being released in August, so I hope they take advantage of that. We need a Frankenstein Meets The Wolf-Man maze!! But wait, next year’s event won’t have the terror tram?
  12. So I think I’m going to hit Horror Nights again this year on Nov 2nd. I wish I can do closing night but I won’t be able to. The date will land on a Thursday IN November and after Halloween so it should be pretty empty. But asking for advice again, should I hit Insidious first then backlot, lower lot and upper lot to get on all the mazes & rides? I’m getting GA this time so yeah just need to be sure. I want to say goodbye to the event properly, lol.
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