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  1. Welcome to primetime bitch!

  2. Great job, I always hold '08 dear to me as it was my first year.
  3. Kudos to the scareactors this year, me and the family went last Thursday and you guys got my cousin good in the central park area. She wasn't even looking then one is right next to her, my uncle says looks she screams and then says hello. Great job again she does not scare easily and you got her good keep up the great work.
  4. I was there a couple Thursdays a go, and saw some houses get up to 75 minutes. I'm sure the more popular ones will get up to 100 plus minutes the closer we get to Halloween.
  5. A naked American man stole my balloons

  6. I will be going this Thursday solo, and then next thrusday with my friend HHN Freak 2006.
  7. Panama by Van Halen starts the B&T dance finale and Eruption also by Van Halen starts when the phone booth appears.
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