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  1. Simon's Slaughterhouse looks pretty cool. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=262787621229418&id=88288666301
  2. The shaved head girls of Havoc. Thank you for taking the time to jump out at me everytime.
  3. I just wanted to give one thank you for my 10/10/10 visit. It would be for whomever was in the Havoc Dogs Of War..around 9:35-ish (Just came from the second showing of Bill & Ted for that night). It was one of the DOW will a fully shaven head. They were a female wearing a white tank and were behind a fence. I was stuck in this person scene...do the conga line stopping. The lighted up where they were hanging off the fence and caught me off guard and gave me a nice startle. It it very hard to scare me in haunted houses...so a startle I would rank as pretty damn good. If they could have actually can from behind the fence I was move it up to a scare. lol...best house of the night for me.
  4. Make sure to come down to Howl O Scream as well. They have Sliders also.
  5. Burger King has some items out now as well. (I am located in Tampa area)
  6. Looking foward to doing it again if all possible. Last year we had TJ for the first part of tour. Having almost all of A&D with the Q&A session was very nice though...would like to see that return.
  7. That house was "The Hunted" (in ironic twist the house itself had a small fire)...it was also the first house that HOS used "a victim" (a scare actor that would be randomly yanked away from the house as you walked through it with them) I am not sure though if the house we shall see will be on fire as walk through it...I think the fire will be in past tense.
  8. Well..that picture is from a Saw movie poster. The swirls are also on the side of Billy the puppets cheeks. As far as why would a swirl be on something...I find it nothing more then a swirl being on something to distract you.
  9. The Crypt Keeper's voice was used in the park. I recall that much....maybe some cheesy lazer image of him was used as well. Here is a link to the one of the old maps...via HauntFreaks (RIP) http://hauntfreaks.com/hauntfreaks/haunts/hhn_xi/maps/__hr_HHN-V-Map-Outside_low.jpg
  10. Something's cooking, I'm at the griddle I bought Nero his very first fiddle

  11. Thanks for getting the tour back Jim. It was nice having TJ on part of the tour last year. Will be happy to pay to do another tour this year.
  12. I went with new. Need to see something that bridges the past to the future.
  13. America voted him through to the next round. I say the next illusion will either feature a car or a variant of the ending of the illusion that ended the COC show.
  14. Sorry....little bit late of a reply. Part of his website has pictures and a clip video from the show at HHN. http://www.drewthomas.net/jackscarnivalofcarnagevideo.html Seems pretty good..I would pay to see a full show of his.
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